EVE support Offline

(Sono Yuu) #1

So Support ignored my tickets for 3 days and now you cant select support on eveonline.com.

Can anyone else log into support right now?

(QuakeGod) #2

support works just fine:


(Sindara T'Soni) #3

3 days is nothing. I had a ticket that took 7 and other people frequently report longer. Patience.

(Sono Yuu) #4

The link on the page would not work for 1/2 an hour on multiple computers. I suspect you checked shortly after it was fixed. There all kinds of broken/misled links on the EVE site, including the contact link.

Thank you for following up to note that you could access it though.

(Sono Yuu) #5

4 days of no access to a character you have paid for would try most people’s patience. In the end, I received 7 days added on to my subscription because their subscription server had a “hiccup”. So, cool that I don’t have to pay for 3 days, and was compensated for the 4 I missed, but I would rather have the SP and event opportunities I lost :wink:

Support response time is my main issue with this game. I don’t have many other issues with EVE.

I appreciate what they do, and I’m sure they are overworked, but it seems to me they should hire more staff…

(system) #6

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