Ticket Response time

Hello EVE,

i got a small question, i made a support ticket 5 weeks ago, and i still dont got a response for it.
how long is the waiting time for the support?

Users here cannot help. Most likely this will be locked. And its however important the issue is.

It often depends a lot on what is involved. I’ve had tickets answered in 15 minutes, and one that took two months.

I submitted a ticket a few days ago and received the response today. It was an account-related thing, and I was actually pretty happy with the response time.

As mentioned, it all comes down to the issue you’ve ticketed about. Some issues, like account related, require a promptly response (usually within a couple of days) others probably like the one you’ve ticketed does not require immediate action as the issue is not game-breaking or related to security.

Also as mentioned, forums cannot help with support tickets nor can “we” speed up the queue so that you would get a reply faster.

If you think that forums might be able to help, it would be much better to just outline your problem, than just to ask about the “response-time”. Otherwise, all I can tell you is; »wait for a reply, your ticket has not been forgotten, it’s just that there are more important tickets that require GM’s attention before they get to yours«.

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