How much time does it take for a support ticket to be answered?

I opened a ticket related to some email problems (#2025138) three days ago, and haven’t heard anything from support yet. How much time does it take usually for them to answer?

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Depends on the issue and the workload. I’ve had times ranging from 2 hours (in-game mission issue) to 2 weeks (skill training issue a couple years back when they had a major bug).

It also depends somewhat on how well you’ve worded and supported your ticket with screen shots etc.


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@Katatrok_First Not sure how long support usually takes, I don’t think there’s a standard wait time.

Last time I put in a ticket everything was taken care of to my satisfaction in less than two days from the time I submitted the ticket.

I imagine some problems take longer to solve or and so some tickets will take longer to be answered depending on the issue.

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I once waited 5 days (x2) for each reply to my two PI mechanics tickets. I were “comforted” with 5 days of extra omega time (hmm… are 10 days of my time worth 5 days of CCP’s time only :thinking:) …and directed to R&D forum section @ #technology-research:player-features-ideas for feature submission :smiley: with assurance the CSM will notice me.
Oh, wait… do I hear something :ear: :fearful: :ear:

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Is your theory that 10 days of waiting for some problem with PI ( which represents what, .0001% of the game?) should be equivalent to 10 days of free Omega, which represents 100% of the game? I don’t see how you possibly lost 10 days of time waiting for PI to get fixed.

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It took them 18minutes to answer and solve my e-mail issue on the weekends, so they seems kinda fast if you provide enough info.

They respond to me right away, but I have a blue checkmark, so I think that really lights a fire in their bonnet.

For me, its about 1-2 weeks and I usually give up. The replies to my tickets have been much better than in the past though so im still fine with it.

Lol, this is Eve Online. Support tickets never get answered, until after you leave the game.

Perhaps your tickets are full of nonsense, entitlement and lacking coherence. Mine always get answered, if I even need one in the first place, and generally quickly too. Sometimes it takes a few days but that very much depends on the subject and generally is logical.

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You make no sense. Its not possible for you to even have a clue. Im pretty the desire of this thread is to literally gather that data. It seems like some get lucky with less than 2 days and most are less than two weeks with a 1 week average if i had to guess.

I’m reacting to

Which is generally a result of

Got it answered last monday (so in one weekes time), everything is great, thanks for your answers guys, cheers!

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