How long i should wait for a response from support ?

As long as it takes.

Tickets are responded to in order, with more serious issues being tackled first.

From a personal perspective, your ticket may seem important. But always consider, the possibility that some guy installed eve on his work computer, and he works at a nuclear power plant in Iceland, and eve is interfering with the pressure valve regulator system on his computer and he needs CCP to fix the issue or else Reykjavik will become a desolate nuclear wasteland.

Just be patient and wait. There are more important things in the world that need to be fixed.


Until you get a reply.


what could be more important than account and payment ?

Coffee, for one thing.

If you have a ticket open, please wait for a response from the customer support team.

Ticket responses can’t be offered via the forums, one of our GMs will be with you as soon as your ticket reaches the front of the queue.