How long for support?

I’ve logged a couple of support tickets (unable to login in). One is over for days old, the other one day old.
How long are the waiting times at the moment? I usually get a good reply within 24 hours.

I’d guess they are probably swamped by tickets due to the ddos incident. If I were you I’d just move on and forget about it and they’ll get to it eventually.

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That depends on how much info you gave them and how terrible or demanding/annoying your ticket is. And of course what the issue is.

If it’s a case of account sharing or other account shenanigans then you’re going to have to wait for a while, rightly so.

Reset my phone with the 2FA app in it without disabling 2FA on account first (duh) now I can’t log in. Just want access back to my account

That shouldn’t take silly long. Just know that every time you add on to your ticket, or create another one, it’s not going to help you but only make it worse.

I just chatted with a GM, the Support Ticket turn around time is currently about 8 days.

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