Support Problem

I can’t get into one of my accounts for 9 days now. Support ticket was submitted, I have sent numerous follow up emails to support, and have yet to receive a single response. Is this unusual? typical? how do I get them to respond?

Yes, it is a slow process all you can do is wait, usually a few days for response, sometimes hours if your lucky.

Patience i have been waiting also on tickets
they are busy busy
do they work on weekends???

Create ticket and wait.
People like you overload the support system.
Next time I am waiting for support I’ll think of your shenanigans. :star_struck:

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Its not my problem, it’s theirs. After a couple days all I asked for was a simple response, like “we are working on it”, just to know I was not being ignored. Bad service is bad service

It is your problem. You can’t log in.
Since we do not know the issue we cannot help and are forced into trolling. Again your problem.

Have you tried making a temporary alt account?

There are a number of reasons you may not be able to login ranging from a forgotten password to a hacked account. Many you can fix yourself using articles on the support website. Others, like an account hack may take months to resolve (do you have 2 factor authentication enabled on your accounts?)

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As there is no help to be had on the forums for this issue, I’ll be closing this thread. Your best bet is to file a support ticket and wait. Good luck!

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