Dear band of incapable

This message is for incompetent CCP employees.

It’s been over 24 hours since I had an account that was stolen.

I made a ticket yesterday and I still have no answer.

Since you have probably missed my ticket, I will send dozens until the customer service decides to do something.

I am already 12 in 16 minutes and I can do much better.

thank you to the customer service for its slowness and incompetence.

Couple things:

  1. Their tech support department is a contract firm from India or whatever, you’re not “punishing” CCP employees with your ticket spam.

  2. They’ve seen countless cases of customer rage, it’s what they deal with all day, so your ticket will calmly be downgraded to the back of the line, per the procedure, as long as you spam them.

  3. Typical response time for EVE has been, historically over the past few years, 2 weeks. Google “eve ticket response time” you’ll see.

  4. Your case isn’t a simple fix. Your account will be banned, temporarily, to prevent theft, and then a full investigation of the logs will be conducted. It will take a few days, after they respond to the ticket (which can take 2 weeks).

Why not make an Alpha and do the tutorial and career agent missions, or just chat with your friends as you wait / participate in ops / whatever.


I am talking to CCP not the players so I totally do not care about your opinion.

Your dumbassery is magnificent.
CCP can’t help you here, this is a forum for PLAYERS, not ticket issues.


For your sake I hope you can remove that stick in your ass. What the other player has said is not a opinion. It’s facts. If you continue to be a idiot and ticket spam , you’ll only be moved to the back of the line and it will definitely take more than 2 weeks to retrieve your account.

Do not expect CCP to do exactly what you want and whenever you want.if CCP actually did that we’d have that pve only server that other guy mentioned in ideas.


Happy Birthday


Hopefully your account got sold on Ebay.


Our support team works to handle tickets as they come in. I am sure they will get to it whenever they can, but in the meantime I can definitely tell you that this forum is not the place for complaints about support. I will now be closing this thread.