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Well, if I’ve ever known a support ticket service like CCP’s… 24-hour wait or 48-hour wait. But a 6-day wait, and I know of some cases that have been over a month. It’s…shocking that you treat your paying customers that way. I feel sorry for the new members who join and have a problem and put in a ticket for help. They’d be like, “F this sh@^t,” and uninstall the game. So CCP, if you want to keep your new players and give yourself a better image, stop having the worst customer support on the planet.

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Maybe they consider you a low priority, and they are busy helping more deserving people?


Aiko is surprisingly right. Ive had tickets that were never responded to. But they werent uber important either.

I’m surprisingly always right!

From my experience things like reimbursements can take up to a week, non game breaking bugs a few days. Things like account recovery take a day or two for the initial response.

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What do you classify as moves deserving? Everyone is a deserving customer. Any support services will deal with it within 48 hours, NOT 6 days or more. Also, when you are told to put in a ticket by CPP in-game and you do as they ask, and your ticket sits waiting to be moved deserving, if I were to report some wrongdoing, they would be all over it like a bad rash.
The support team makes enough money from us players.

oh you are that sort of guy… ok…
Can i have your stuff?


What’s the ticket about

It might just mean “stop bothering me, you’re being annoying”, or not. So again, what’s the ticket about?

That’s not true.

Some customers are not worth the hassle. For example, they go on the forums and whine endlessly, instead of being patient and reasonable.


Well, I made a contract on my alt to myself, put my name in it, and when I clicked “finished,” it was already accepted by someone else. When I checked the contract, it was some random toon. Now, if it were a small contract, I wouldn’t be bothered, but it was over 3b in gear.

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Depends how many are already in a support queue, plus they have to investigate to make sure theres no fraud, it was a weekend. Need i continue


Which radio-button did you have active, Private or Public?
It looks like you made a public contract by mistake.


You problably didn’t because

You messed up a contract and someone else got your stuff. First of all that’s a you problem because you did it wrong, they’re not going to take from someone else to give it back to you just because you made a mistake. Secondly if they even WANT to look at it they will have to figure out if it were somehow a coding or cheating issue, which takes time. A lot of time.

This is like making a ticket to get your ship reimbursed because “I didn’t want to click jump, somehow the game made it happen and now I’m in a gate camp. It wasn’t my fault”. Other than a GM making sure there’s not some coding issue going on the answer is going to be “sometimes you fck up, deal with it. Welcome to EVE”.


Who knows maybe it takes this long because it could also come off as a convoluted and self-incriminating case of RMT attempt and trying to hide it behind the guise of reporting it as if it was just a mistake. Which let’s be honest very well it could be. :thinking:

99% chance it’s a case of “oops, someone else got my stuff” and that’s just part of the game, they also couldn’t give it back without taking it from the new owner, otherwise they’d be duping.

I always find it funny when people have issues no taking advantage of others making mistakes, but when it’s about them then suddenly it’s all about customer satisfaction and making demands.

then you mispelled your own alt´s name xD thats not worth for a ticket … sory but this is your own problem and CCP cant help you !

it was YOUR mistake !
it was NOT a bug !
nobody did anything wrong except YOU !

your ticket is probably trashed because of a possible troll ticket !

Don’t worry, I can help you.
It may involve a small friendly helper’s fee.

With helpful regards
-James Fuchs

Well, I have a 20 day old request atm. About a char transfer. Still no response.

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Wait until volcanoes go back to sleep!

Their customer service is terrible… I wish I had a previous experience where I could say this was a one off situation, but I don’t.

Someone hacked into my accounts and took over them. As a result they stole a significant amount of isk from my corp and all of my assets. Took ccp somewhere between 24-25 days to answer and when they finally did I got my accounts back but all of my assets were gone. CCP then quoted a portion of the TOS/EULA that seems to speak of an instance where you have given someone your password in which case they will not return any lost items. I however looked at the TOS/EULA and it clearly states that if they can recover items they will do so in the cases where the account was hacked… Interestingly enough, GM Arbor has now gone silent and won’t answer my ticket anymore.

He also gave me 30 days of omega time for my inconvience, dispite the fact that I actually PAID for that time with my credit card even though I had no access for the 24-25 days it took to recover my account.

So youre not alone, their customer service is appaling and it’s incredible that more people have quit over their lack of customer support.

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