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That doesn’t happen unless you either RMTed, sold your account or gave someone access to your account

Yes, trying to figure out what is actually going on and seeing if stuff can fixed takes time, who knew.

Yes, they’re not going to duplicate items especially not if…

Called it, fcking lol self own.

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I didn’t give my password to anyone mate, you misunderstood what I wrote… The part of the TOS/Eula that was quoted had to do with password sharing… Which is not applicable as I did not password share. My accounts were all hacked. It’s interested that you suggest it’s not possible when clearly it has happened… Where else do all these people selling isk for irl cash get the trillions of isk they are selling.

Any log in from a new computer requires a mail confirmation.

Unless your account name is EVEOnline and your password is 12345 the chance of getting randomly hacked is pretty much zero. You either RMTed or gave/sold someone access to your account and no I don’t expect you to own up to that nor can you expect us to believe you if you keep telling us it’s not the case.

My email was also hacked… Both together…so clearly it was someone that knew my email and that I played eve. I have screenshots of all the log in attempts on my email which I’m willing to provide to ccp if they ask in my ticket.

Thats why you 2auth your email

So your email address… was also hacked. Was is “” and was your PW 12345. The mail hacker didn’t only care about your email but was also a EVE Online fan, what a coincidence.

Totally not consistent with RMT or account selling/sharing.

Hi there, let’s forget that mistake and move forward to try and recover that loss on the Friday night drunk fleets. o/