Why is the Support tickets taking over 48hrs before even responding to?

Ok so I’ve recently picked up 2 alts and transferring via plex is now a thing… Now it should take 24hrs but it seams to be taking alot longer so far I have 1 running at 48hrs.

Now My support ticket has been open just after the 24hrs but no response?? Come on CCP I’m not the only one and it seams that support for users is becoming poor.

What is everyone else finding.

You’re asking us why a limited staff can’t process a gazillion tickets per day… really?


They fired everybody, what do you expect?

Ah the good old support ticket thread.

Poster complains because his ticket is taking longer than “RIGHT THIS ■■■■■■■ INSTANCE”
Another person points out that CCP support staff is limited
Poster complains that multiple people are having the same problem, yet is not able to support the statement with facts besides 2 alts complaining about the same thing.
Next poster points out that DEVS actually are working on real issues and the GMs will get to it
Poster complains that his issues is the most important game breaking thing ever.
I post that it is all Pearl Abyss’s fault.
Everyone else tells Poster to suck it up buttercup as CCP use to bollock the server for weeks at a time.
Poster comes back with "Well I work in Customer Service.
Everyone Eyerolls.
@ISD_Buldath comes in and locks the thread as redundant or whining .

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Its becuase they fired everyone to make themselves look good for Pearl Abyss

As someone who works in Customer Service, loyal customers only last so long… And Yes in the 14 years I’ve been in game I’ve seen this come in peaks and toughs.

But it is an issue, and maybe they should stop Plex transfer or make it part of the game. Me personally I would say may is pay only, since the new owners will want to see return on investment.

Would you rather them rush tickets and not fully look into people’s issues so they can correctly process them?

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I received a GM mail warning for cursing in a private chat, asked why I got it and to clarify rules

2 weeks and waiting on a response…

Thank you for replying to Solecist’s Customer Care Project.

Sadly it is not uncommon nowadays that everyone around wants to censor everyone else around. If you know who the person in question might be, publicly state the name, put a big bounty on his head and additionally offer one billion isk for this overly sensible rat who gets hurt by words.

He will be dealt with accordingly.

We at Solecist’s Customer Care Project value all our customers, especially the jspacers, and we will make sure swift action is going to be taken. When you hear someone screaming you’ll know we’re working on it.

Fly anarchic!

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Support tickets can wait in the queue for a while when load is high for our customer support team.

Sorry for the delay, they’ll be with you as soon as they can.

The forums isn’t the place for support requests, so this is being closed.

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