Support Ticket Lost In Space?

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Hey all,

Before i say anything further let me just say that after going over other forum posts and info i found online i am aware that ticket responses CAN take a week to get a response depending on the issue.

Having said that i also want to make sure my ticket as the title of this post suggests didn’t get lost in space.

I put my support ticket in Thursday (ticket #541402) and it is currently 8:30am Sunday and have not heard a peep. More than anything i would just like confirmation that it was even received and that some one is working on it.

If this is a typical wait time scenario then i will relax so anyone having experienced this if you could let me know i would feel a bit better,

Also if anyone at CCP should read this please feel free to check for me on what is going on with the support ticket as that would rock my world.

For anyone thats curious the ticket is due to a PLEX delivery failure.

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I recently submitted a support ticket and it took 9 days to get a response. This was over the Christmas / New Year period so perhaps response times were understandably slower, and you may still be suffering from the resulting backlog the holiday period no doubt caused.

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Ya from what i read it isn’t unusual for lengthy response times and especially after a major holiday.

Just a shame there is no way to tell if it was even looked at as atleast if i knew some one was looking into it i could just sit back and wait vs just not knowing.

guess only time will tell

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