Ticket response times?

Is there some issue with CCP’s Zendesk? I’ve had a ticket open for a week and zero replies, not even a “we’re looking into it”, I’ve never had a ticket left more than about 30 hours before, or is this the new normal?

Nobody here can answer that. I guess it really depends on the urgency of the ticket. I’ve had a few thats taken several days to get a response. It really just depends on who’s available to answer from the GM’s and the urgency of the ticket…

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I’ve never had a ticket that took more than 48 hours, including the one I submitted about a week ago. An alliance mate who recently accidentally reprocessed his jump freighter got a response after 72 hours.

I have zero idea about how CCP runs its ticket system, but I’ve worked in complaint departments with various companies. No matter what they do, sometimes tickets get lost.

I’m not sure how you’d go about raising a flag on your ticket, but it sounds to me like it’s been overlooked. It happens, unfortunately.

I’ve had them take up to 3 weeks without response at least you get a bit of omega when it takes them that long

still waiting for the answer from June 2018…


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