No processing of support tickets

Hey guys, I opened a support ticket over a month ago and still have not received a response.
I have also asked a follow-up in the ticket, unfortunately no sign of life.

  • Did you experienced the same?
  • Is there a known issue with support tickets?
  • Is there a better channel to contact the support?

I am currently quite disappointed and frustrated.

That is the only support game wise that i know of… Depending on the urgency in your ticket, it could be pushed back, for more urgent matters.

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Im going on day 5 now…fortunately my problem was solved with the help of another player, but yeah, support seems to be greatly lacking…a month? ridiculous.


Still no reaction. Do we have to make tickets now to point out tickets? I have no other option but to believe that it was deleted somehow and they just do not see it.
Please fix your customer support.
Forum mods that might by interested in this topic are also undetectable.

Creating another ticket won’t help. As I said, depending on the urgency of your ticket, it may be a while longer before yours is attended to.

If the processing of a ticket is delayed for such a long time… then the customer should be informed of this. Unfortunately, this did not happen, even two of my inquiries have brought nothing. This is just bad or a mistake. So I hope for a mistake and try it again.

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The fastest response you’ll get is to the " stuck in space" category.
(I mean when we have a problem, we’re all kind of stuck, right?)

Well, maybe even faster at “can’t buy PLEX”. :sweat_smile:

In the ticket itself can then specify a different facts, but someone will have already read it :nerd_face:

And be friendly!


Support ticket is akin to yelling in the desert.

That might work :sweat_smile:

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I created a ticket with the category payment and received an answer within two days X-D
Answer was like “The community team is responsible for your other ticket. Sometimes they don’t answer… or just after an eternity. Bad luck”.

Fck the community. Thank you CCP :slight_smile:

I could not apply sp for my skills, wrote the ticket with the problem “Stuck” “skills stuck” and after an hour I got an answer. It’s probably different for everyone.

They order the tickets according to their urgency… i had tockets answered in couple of minutes … and some tickets set on waiting while they hold them open… they are working hard there and comparing other games i have played in the past this is the most quick replying and engaging team when it comes to tickets

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I never experienced that my tickets are open for more than 6 weeks. Nowhere… ever.
This is nothing about urgency. The ticket category is just completely abandoned.

Which category is it ?

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