Support ticket waiting time?

Hello, i am new in here and i have a little question about the possible duration of my support ticket.
I am a new player, as in totally, so i had little to no understanding about the meta workings inside EVE universe. After some time playing it came to my attention that if i have had a friend who would have invited me in, i could have had 1m skill-points, gratis. This information left a bit sour taste in my mouth, but i soon found out that i could still (allegedly) apply to get this benefit by making a support ticket.

It has been soon a week since i have made the support ticket and i am wondering, is it easier for me to make a new account? This time with the invite and shelve this whole issue? I am somewhat attached to my character as i like deep role play, so this is not something i wish to do. I will never get back the feeling of awe and wonder that i experienced with my handlebar-mustache man gone-to-space with any new character. It will feel like a band-aid around overlooked game design favoring people in the know.

In general, the beginner experience here has been somewhat a mixed one; if not for a very friendly bunch of player who took me under their wing, i would probably be very frustrated by all the missed opportunities and bad decisions made just by the virtue of limited way the game instructs you in the beginning. It feels almost like the new player experience has been outsourced to the community by the game company, a questionable choice to make if true.

Anyhow, to the original question, when i could reasonably expect to get response to my support inquiry?

In my experience, the waiting time is from an hour to a month, I think it depends on the question

From experience, CCP’s customer service is very slow. I think on average you can wait 14 days for a response.

If the answer is not satisfactory, I think you can invite yourself. The new acvount would then have the bonus.

But it would be nice if you could tell us whether it worked with the subsequent submission of the skill points through customer service.

Its six day and counting, but if and when i get the response, i will let you know how it went.

You can always take your referral link and create a second account and have that account with the extra 1 mil SP… You’d probably eventually want a second or 3rd account etc, so this is how you can nip that in the bud.
I have two other accounts and all they do is run the SOE arc every 3 months.

Ok, i got my reply, the person was courteous and all went well.

I guess there is lots of things going on and only so many people to take care of it.


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