Other Account Banned!

Have had several accounts with Eve, this one being inconsequential. However two accounts beginning 2003 I decided to reactivate. All information on them since 2008 unchanged (these accts. were purchased via this forum). Thus since 2008, these were my accts!! Last time I logged into Eve, about 5 years ago. Last month I decided to come back to Eve. All I could recall were two accounts (this one and another). However the 3rd acct. I needed help with.

Contacted your Support Team, two tickets created. In order assist required my original acct. info. I provided it. One person replied with partial email info - ENOUGH for me to recall my log in info. I told them thanks - retrieved the acct.

Yesterday I log in and note, ALL my ISK (approx. 9 Billion) stolen. ALL my skills (75 Million) stolen!!! I create a Support Ticket, explaining! Today I log in to that acct. and it’s BANNED??? I spent $500.00 with you last month updating and your solution to a Hacker (likely your Support) is to Ban that account???

I suggest you look into this PROPERLY. I noted when creating the support ticket yesterday that a previous support ticket was created listed under My Activities and along with it, an Eve Support party had a CHAT (with someone else, NOT ME!). CHECK THAT CHAT LOG.

Also check my account EMAIL. Why not USE IT TO VERIFY MY ACCT. IT’S THE SAME OLD EMAIL I USED when I originally obtained (purchased) the acct. back in 2008!!! Please get a clue or I’ll be Disputing with my CC my recent STOLEN purchases from this Game.

Thank you.
PS - Before you delete this topic, pass it on to CCP Management.

I have no idea what happened here, but I do know that a lot of the people that get hacked use RMT websites (which ask for your email address).

So, if you broke the EULA, and then were hacked and banned as a result:
This is your own damn fault. Hopefully, you learn your lesson.

And, if you didn’t get hacked as a consequence of cheating:
Sorry bro. Nothing we can do to help you. I can understand the desire to rant, but the only thing you can do right now is file a support ticket. You should also consider checking out articles on how to prevent future hacks.


Might want to read the details of the hack before spamming with a typical generic response. Am 58 yrs old. The hack seems to have come from CCP Support! Thus if you’re suggesting players should ‘double down’ prior to requesting Help from the game makers and or police? Seriously? Get a clue. Support is there to help, or are they?

How did you come to this conclusion?


Sorry, does that say you bought the account back in 2008? I feel like you’re omitting some real key details on this. Also, pretty sure no one in the forums can help you.

Really? Read the first post, I suggested how that happened. After 5 years of inactivity, I reached out to Eve Support – gave them my account info to retrieve the account. One gave me partial info of which was enough for me to recall the rest and retrieve that account.

NO activity on the acct. for 5 years.
Two Support Team were involved. I reactivate it.

One month later someone contacts Eve Support.
According to my account, a ticket was created by Support when a CHAT with Support to access the account occurred.
In other words, someone had enough info on this previously unused acct. to provide Support in a CHAT to gain access.

That’s a smoking gun.

Who the hell are you people? Yes, I bought the account, it was sold to me back in 2008, March or April to be exact. Many have done this. The account I’m on right now, purchased back then as well, one month difference. Created in 2003. And? Should I drill you because your query seems vague? It does and irrelevant to the matter.

Yeah file another Support ticket with those who I suspect of hacking into my account. What I did here was make an issue known. I expect no help. Wanted Eve to know other players know. We’ll see where this goes.

Eve can expect without proper resolve this account to be toast and a $500. Dispute filed with my bank.

It’s not a smoking gun that goes “I was hacked” → “Probably it was from CCP support”

It is far more likely that your own security practices are sloppy and where the person that reached out to support, got the start from.

CCP employees have done some really dumb things in the past, but there is no need for them to steal skillpoints or ISK from accounts.

Have you reviewed your own practices and system since this happened? (because that’s far more likely to e the source of the issue).

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*“there is no need for them to steal skillpoints or ISK from accounts
Then you haven’t been around very long. ISK and Skill is all very real money, exactly what I provided these accounts last month.
As for me reaching out to Support, yeah it didn’t dawn on me to withhold info about the account I needed to retrieve.

Sometimes I wonder…

CCP have the ability to generate both of those. What reason would they possibly have, to instead steal them from an active account?

On the one hand, they have policies and procedures in place to prevent their employees from just generating SP and ISK for their own accounts, however on the other hand, this account sat for years without you logging in and had no issue, and then shortly after you started activity with it again, it has been compromised.

CCP had access to that account the whole time you weren’t using it and nothing happened. Only after you started using it again has it been compromised.

Hence the question of whether you’ve reviewed your own security practices and system, because there is no way for a third-party to get the initial information from CCP. They would need to know the email address and that there was even an eve account tied to it.

However, if your practices are sloppy and/or your system compromised, then when you started activity again associated with that account, then that provides a way for a third-party to get enough to reach out to CCP.

So have you reviewed your own practices and system (because it’s likely that the root of the problem is either how you have been using the information, or with your computer)?

It makes good sense to review everything after information has been stolen.


OP sounds like he wears a tracksuit. When CCP bans RMTers, people who wear tracksuits account for 80% of the bans, even though they’re only about 10% of the playerbase.


Really? A CHAT with support was created? It’s very interesting - someone created a CHAT with support!

Have you checked where the isk went to in your wallet transactions?

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No no you don’t understand. A CHAT was created to Support, so after these 5 years someone was ABLE to create this CHAT with support! This was unused accnts yet someone was able to CREATE, with support, a CHAT, and by this deduction I conclude that SUPPORT will be receiving my DISPUTE of credit card!

You’re diving into questions I chose not to divulge for obvious reasons. I know Eve. I know these forums. Some of you guys wander around the threads waiting to point out the usual stupidity seen in the many bewildered playing the game. However when someone with a legit issue against the game police themselves you become just as blind as the rest. Dweebs.

So here’s some more info for the thread - CCP let’s staff go all the time. Current staff, yeah they’re kept in check. Yet you kid yourselves with the information you provide them ALL.

ONLY Support had my Email address!!! The email addy used was DEAD. That’s why until I gave them my account info, I was unable to locate that email addy! It wasn’t being used!

Worse, MY EMAIL address for my Eve acct. resides on an AOL with 8 other emails on the same account! In other words, THE ONLY AOL EMAIL HACKED WAS MY EVE/AOL EMAIL. If someone truly had access into my AOL account, they’d of hacked the other 7.

This is an Eve hack, not an AOL or computer hack.
Figure it out.

Yes. I did a CHAT today (with whomever, Eve Support on the other end) about the issue. You can do it too…just go to support and select the CHAT.

Blaming CCP conspiracy theories after getting banned for RMT is such a tracksuit thing to do.


A simple “yes” or “no” has no obvious reason to hide. It makes good sense, when anything has been compromised, to review everything, even if you think it must have been a bad actor inside CCP.

If you are right, then that’s bad for us all, but if you are wrong and it is an issue on your side, then not reviewing everything has the potential to be even worse for you.

Apology for trying to help. Won’t make that mistake again.

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YOUR EMAIL address, you say? You mean to tell us they got YOUR EMAIL address? Was this before or after the CHAT was made to SUPPORT after these 5 yearsed of unused accnts?