Don't spend money on eve - You can be banned for no reason at any time

I’ve just recently paid for a years subscription and bought 40 skill extractors to fund my account and now i log in to find that account has been banned for 3 days with the only explanation given that i’m using macro’s. i’m not using any macro’s i don’t even multi box i only sign in on one account at a time and when i sign in i’m usually doing all sorts of different things, not just ratting or mining or doing any of the activities we all know are easily automated and botted every day. Yesterday i was belt ratting, i was running faction war plexes, I was buying and selling on the market, I was active in pvp both solo and in a gang, i was in about a dozen different ships all fit differently, i was i was in a fleet defending a system from galmil, i was active in chat. How could that be automated? here is my killboard from yesterday Fourteen Maken | Character | zKillboard

it sickens me that ccp won’t do anything about actual bots but they’ll ban active players like me for no good reason.


Hi, did you send them a ticket?

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i did send a ticket but i won’t hold my breath

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Bans are done in waves, so this could be for something you did months ago.

As far as validity, we seem to be getting more of these threads recently, and if the posters are to be believed (i.e. players who aren’t even engaging in PvE all that much), then it seems like there’s a higher incidence of false positives occurring. Which is a shame, because there’s literally nothing that we as players can do about about this, because CCP won’t discuss this topic with us in any clear and straightforward manner. Your support ticket, regardless of whether you’re truly guilty or innocent, will probably be given a non-answer and further ignored.


it’s more than a shame when you spend a lot of time and money on an account and it can be arbitrarily taken away from you

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We just had a big discussion about this in a different thread. Did you use any keyboard/mouse macros in any way? Or do you have something like AHK that you use for convenience?

Absolutely nothing, i dont know how any of that works i’m just a casual gamer. i was flying a slicer at one time yesterday so that involves a lot of spam clicking in space. i dunno and thats the scary thing, it could happen again at any time for any reason and what can i do about it?

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CCP refuses to discuss this topic because “it might give people ideas,” which I believe is an asinine stance to maintain since the people who are breaking rules with genuine automation already possess knowledge way above the level we want to discuss. Their logic is that if they describe to you the specific observed instance that led to a positive detection, next time you’ll take measures to avoid it.

I’m sure there are false positives that happen, though the incidence rate is low enough that it’s not becoming a scandal. But then again I also personally know people who ended up being legitimately hit for botting/cheats as well. Generally-speaking, if you make a thread like this, you’ll end up getting a whole bunch of people telling you that you deserve it, and shouldn’t have cheated, because contemporary society is conditioned to automatically assume guilt.

I don’t know whether you cheated or not, but I believe in an open system where a proper tribunal can be held. You won’t get one here, though.


several of the devs and staff at ccp are active in low sec, and some have close contacts in galmil. how do i know i didn’t run into one of them yesterday and get banned out of spite?


You don’t. It’s impossible to know something like that.

Seems to me it would be foolish to risk ones irl job doing such things…but we humans do many foolish things…so…maybe…not outside possibility though seems unlikely.


'nuff said.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Maybe stop using macros…

–Gadget is just suggestin’

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You RENT the account and assets.
It’s not yours to be taken away.

–Helpful Gadget

i don’t use anything like a macro. i don’t even use f1 and like i said i wasn’t even doing the kind of PVE that gets botted. i was doing solo and small gang pvp in plexes which can’t be botted, and i was going it in lots of different ships and fits in no way was my play style anything like botting

It’s not what you were doing now, it’s what you did in the past. As Destiny Corrupted said:

You may now be banned for that time you tried a script for a few hours a month ago.


nope. i haven’t played in years. i think i might have logged in a few times in 2020 as an alpha but i haven’t even been active in the last 3 years or so. i came back a few days ago and i’ve been doing all sorts of things not botting behaviour. also spent a lot of money to fund my account which is not something a botter would even have to do


Players had to be aware that they have no rights at all when they are renting these services.
Owner can take away them all whenever they want .
They can even close the servers if need arise .

Players must READ and be aware when they accept the terms conditions .

On the other hand if players can proof ( which is very slim to impossible chance ) that they did not engage activities which they had been accused for …
Then companies trustability flushes down the hole.

i’ve been playing this game on and off for 8 years now. like a lot of you i’ve spent a lot of time and money on my account and it’s been arbitrarily taken away even though i know for a fact that i did nothing wrong - i’m sick of hearing “well they can do that if they like”

why are so many of you okay with this?

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At least it’s only for a couple days, but does count as a “strike” towards a permaban I believe.

It’s entirely likely that CCP is testing out a new algorithm for catching “macro” users (which is different from botting, it’s essentially chaining multiple game commands together on a single key or button) and is catching some false positives. So that means they are in fact trying to do something about botters, they’re just making mistakes while they do so.

It’s the kind of thing that’s very hard to be 100% accurate on, and we all know that CCP considers the player base to be their QA and testing department because they can’t really be bothered to tackle those chores themselves.

People aren’t really “okay” with it so much as there’s literally nothing we can do about it. CCP has always been opaque about their banning process, and they really don’t care if they nuke some legitimate players along the way.

File tickets and keep people up to date on what’s happening, is the best you can do at this point.