Security Update - Q2 2018

Check out this dev blog from Team Security that gives an update on the ongoing fight against bots and RMT.

This one gives more information on account action taken against those found to be in breach of the EULA and ToS, as well as details on how you can help to secure your account and make sure that the bad guys don’t get access to your hard earned ISK and assets.

Read all about it here!


Disappointed. Banning numbers mean nothing (without knowing the size of the issue) … this is not enough to fight the botting problem. Detecting and banning more accounts is not the final answer, the key to the problem’s solution is to make automation unprofitable and hard by changing game mechanics.


No need. That was the message:

Entire post was about 'keep reporting, you are doing great job, we ban as you pointing your fingers"

Making entire PvE behave like Abyss NPC will mostly kill PvE. Any simplier than this will result in new bot programs.


fix the unschedule down time coz it happening more and more, this is also wasting our omega time, - all this downtime is causing ship or asset lost, who gonna payback our omega time and playtime, yea blame it on bot bla bla everytime this happen eve gonna say its another unschedule maintainance and eve is combating botter, cut the bull and lower omega cost for subscription

Could you give us more details about the bots? What type of bots was it? How much of them was market bots? It seems lately that there are a lot of market bots present in the game.

I’m glad to see this, and I hope it becomes a monthly feature - including more data on how much isk was removed from the game from banning botting/RMT accounts, etc.

Letting folks know that you’re actively combating this will help address the cynical view that CCP turns a blind eye to this behavior, for various (usually wacky) reasons.


That’s why Kids with Guns Alliance is still operating, yeah. :roll_eyes:


A bland generic numbers response doesn’t really address the issue. This is not a reply to (which we’ve been waiting for)

What I want to see is a proper statement with CCPs opinion on that, not generic numbers and a rehashing of an olded “we are working on security” post. Nothing in this dev blog actually gives new information and we want to see that.

EDIT: By all means, take your time with giving a good response, but when your first security related reaction since that is “no new information”, it feels like you’re ignoring the issue.


Please bribe us to use 2FA. This is something other developers do, and it is pretty effective. Do not give away anything economy breaking. Perhaps lower trading fees, increase base attributes by 1, or even add one day of free sub time per month to Alpha 2FA or 1 day of MCT for Omega 2FA. Point is, make it beneficial in-game.

Or, make it annoying in game not to 2FA: 5 seconds extended dock/undock time for security checks, Concord checkpoints on k-space gates delay jump by a few seconds, cerebral accelerators or skins only work for 2FA, etc.

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And stil you allow an alliance who used many hundreds of billions of isks to war dec people to exist. If the evidence that all of us have seen is not enough to act and close down the alliance and take back the isks, what is? Do you realise what this does to the trust we have in CCP?


i thinnk the bot issue is a Fake, they would never tell the detail all will blame general issue same as always, same for last year, the year before and the year bofore that and more and more, all this year any bot problem was ever solved ? they said we ban over 5k account of bots and blablabla , they blaming the bots problem coz they CANT fix it and always will be like this for noxt year the year next to it and the next one so on and on

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thanks for the new skins this week.

I concur, let’s make it something like MER. Even Serenity was more transparent on the bans issued.

CCP can’t tell us that bot method XYZ is easy to detect and resulted in a huge percentage of bans, nor can they say that bot method ABC is much harder to detect, endorsing the maker and encouraging more cheaters to use it. CCP will want to keep bot users and makers guessing.


They might want to mention that 2FA is a great way to secure your TQ account… And it’s also a great way to make sure you can never access Sisi again. Since the biggest complaint in the (unmonitored) Testing forum is that people with 2FA are unable to get in.

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then use reverse psychology

“oh how we weep tears of blood because XYZ is so difficult to detect, while we laugh our asses off everytime someone uses ABC because everything lights up like a x-mastree”

If only CCP would write detailed blogs like this. Then we’d know that they not only care, but also have the knowledge and resources to actually accomplish something.



Banning itself is not a proper solution. To remove (or at least fight) botting cancer out of EvE, CCP should completely rework some retarded game mechanics such as anomalies in sov space. It’s a shame that such a terrible things are in this game for YEARS, almost for a decade.

Shame. Shame. Shame.

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Here’s a few raw numbers from the ongoing fight to keep you guys updated:

8771 account bans for RMT related activities since February
4250 account bans for botting related activities since February
5377 account bans for account hacking since February

Unless Im very much mistaken, That’s a grand total of 18, 398 banned accounts…

…Isn’t that pretty much THE player base. :parrotdad:


That would require actual devs, coding and understanding of the game. Current CCP barely manages to paint fill a new skin.