Dev blog: Security Update - Q3 2018

It’s time for another blog on the work of Team Security as we roll into Q3.

Check out this one for more information on account action taken recently, as well as details on how you can secure your accounts and assist CCP in the fight against the scourge of bots and RMT.

Read all about it here!


Good timing :smile:.


To be completely honest here, I have completely lost faith in Team Security. Whack a bot and some numbers no one can verify are completely meaningless when you meet the same botters over and over again ingame doing their thing.


“GDPR Compliance”

Izzat ‘GodDamn Police Regulations’?


I sensed a rather distinct lack of market bots

Very PR much stunt such wow.


Panem et circenses.


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I like the fight with RMT part.

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As you say, it’s an ongoing fight - much like weeding a garden, there will always be more weeds. Just the same, pulling out the biggest ones and working your way down, that’ll keep the garden looking nice.

Keep up the good work.


thanks @CCP_Falcon
cool thing you guys work and fight on that

@Paul_Brinkhoff you really think you send a ticket and the guy is baned instantly? sometimes you need to look into logs for a few months to be sure … you cant write a message and ask … thats not easy and you have to be sure …

again thanks to CCP


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I will read it, since it does apply to me, since others try to misrepresent me as being a bot, which is nothing new, and does go on in other information systems with the same security systems.
I did have to report them and do actively work on securing records of their actions to register copyright for it since they endanger my security and force me to change country in acts of war.

It’s also obviously part of the reason I am offered an office in NATO’s cyber-security office who also obviously deal with other military threats, attacks and damage.

They’re not only making false suggestions about botting, or illegal and unauthorized use of information damaging business and intellectual property rights or worst, but also make false suggestion about solutions to the problem they cause after the fact, like if there was nothing to it, in line with the misrepresentation about botting.

It’s related to the damage they cause, and how it would be ok to associate with them when it’s only a ruse to perpetrate more damage and attempt to interfere against their target to be able protect themselves.
It’s also illegal in fact.

They would do it for over 25 years.
They try all kind of scams, accusing others of not being on topics when attacked, and so on, to try to get away with damage, and make it seem like if it’s valid to get paid for it.
They also try to incite others to join in with their hatred generating.

The first false accusations go back to 2012, less than 2 or 3 months after start.
It happened again with the same patterns, and still is ongoing, and in courts.
I obviously need to monitor this for my family’s security and to prevent to endanger public .

No, I dont think that.
Remember the nyx botter who sparked the whole outrage? He is still playing. Thats the stuff I am talking about.l Its just embarassing to be honest.

Dont try to mark me as some delusional guy please just because you dont like what I have to say.

Also nice that those bans are account bans and not player bans.

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Hard to verifiy those numbers. They seems “big” but EvE cluster is worldwide. Anyway, bot problem exists because we have simple activities, like NS anoms, that may bring huge income for them and can be automated. RMT? In niche game?

You know that the first offense for botting is a 3 day suspension, right? It’s not a permanent ban.



hmm … Falcon wrote that there was a error when they sent the botters to death
now they should be locked or deleted
do you know if it is possible to reopen a char with the same name if it was deleted by CCP?

i cant belive that it is really the same char but if you are right you need to report him again with the kill report from zkill

its easy to lock or delete a account but how you want to ban a player? a real life person? he is not allowed but he really can make a new accountt and play EVE again


Those are scary numbers. Almost 10,000 accounts in 3 months or 100 accounts per day that got banned. I wonder how many of them are repeated attempts by the same people, and how many are new offenders.

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I don’t think so.
How many of them were alphas?

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So let’s see if I have this right.
Multi-boxing (20/30/whatever) accounts to mine is wrong. Evil ! Get perma-banned.

Multi-boxing (20/30/whatever) accounts to gank other players is perfectly fine. Awesome ! What the game is really all about !

That does seem to be the way the thinking goes. If you are (supposedly) serious about going after bots then you have to go after ALL the bots.

And the number of accounts supposedly banned is suspect. Very suspect.
Considering that it looks like we have, on average, almost the exact same numbers of people logging in as we normally do.
You;d think we’d see a noticeable drop in the number of people logged in if there were 9,810 accounts banned in the last 3 months.
Unless they all immediately created new accounts and are still doing the same as they were before in which case you’ve accomplished something less than nothing.

I get a kick out of watching streamers multi-boxing numerous accounts on Twitch, especially when they complain about other players multi-boxing even more accounts.

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I am very happy with all the hard work that all the Eve Online staff keep doing to try to discourage and exterminate RMT and Botting here in my very favorite sci-fi universe. Please keep up the good work everyone, thank you so much! And also sincere commendation is due to all those in the player community that serve as the eyes and ears of the Eve Security team and who keep reporting genuinely suspicious player behavior to Team Security. Everyone cooperating and working together with the goal of complete eradication of all the poisonous Real Money Traders and all those cancerous Botters. Blast a bot and proceed on to the next one please!!


You don’t have that right. Multiboxing for any legitimate in-game purpose is perfectly fine, but only if it is just Multiboxing. If you cross the border into input-automation or -broadcasting it’s against the rules and wrong no matter the purpose.