Devblog: Security Update - Q4 2018

It’s time for the quarterly security report again!

Check out this dev blog for an update on Team Security’s efforts to keep the spacelanes clear of dirty botters, hackers and RMTers!

Read all about it here!


Ban them all!


Are market bots illegal?

They’re a breach of the EULA


Courier Mission Bots

We’re also actively looking at ways in which we can target these groups faster and more efficiently. We’ve smashed a few rings of courier mission bots recently and want to make sure we can continue to stamp these guys out.

These will increase because of the recent war dec changes. They needed to be in a player owned corp to be effective to get around the NPC tax rate.

While I applaude any and all attempts to remove the botting scourge that is plaguing EVE, I think it is disenguineish to claim that RMT transactions are always the cause. There are plenty of corps and alliances where botting has not only been allowed, but encouraged and the basis for much of their in game economic/ military power. They have been named and shamed in Reddit, as well as mentioned in these forums. While I can partially understand why CCP may not want to name individuals (although I think it would do some good), I would like CCP to list corps/alliances and their banned member count in the hope it would help any corp’s heirarchy enforce the TOS by encouraging them to avoid negative publicity and strive to weed out scofflaws if their corp is serious about combating bots.


Mashine learning

Would bot detection in eve online be a usecase for mashine learning? Have talked about this internally?


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I’m not so sure, courier missions don’t really pay a lot of isk, will eat some of the reward/bonus but not sure if it’s enough for them to want to make a new corp. If it was they could make a ton of 1 man corps and corp hop which would have been hard to wardec anyways. Even if they missed the dec they are only losing a t1 hauler.

So whys it taking them so long to counteract them. Starting 2019? They shouldve started it back in 2013 when i first encountered them.

After each cargo mission, in returning of the cargo, there should be a window, like in hacking, but with a document form where player would have to stamp a few laser stamps on designated fields with the name of cargo in a font that is rotated and obstructed with inperfections, of course these would be randomly placed each time, like on a package. Piece of a daily life of a hauling pilot. If one would fail it, mission would fail.


Changing. Not starting.

They were banning, but not deleting before. (deletion is a bigger deal than it might sound. yay databases)


Thank you for making honest pilot’s life worse with something that bots can easily solve.

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Yea, they do them in so much volume with no taxes that it works. The one that I war dec’d and had alot of fun killing had over 20 characters running them back and forth with 7 holo-reels or 9 marines in badgers.

Great job, keep up the good work. In a game as market focused as Eve hits to the economy from botting operations have to be rough.

Market bots are the worst. And it seems they are always dropping a structure with little to no tax rate so their alt bots can use that to help with the return of the buying and selling of plex. All for dropping the little to no tax rate structures but not all about the market bots.

Lol. Lets get a bot to figure out who’s a bot… How expensive will that be?

Honest “pilots” deal with it every day where I work. Rubber stamps are immortal. :joy:

Maybe because of this:

A few simple stickers on a ‘stop’ sign are enough to render it invisible to a machine vision algorithm while to human eyes it is still obvious


Why bother players with this, though? It is CCP’s job to get this solved without bothering actual players. They just need to hire more people that do actually good work like Peligro.

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Can we probably have some kind of “symbol” on the char if we already reported them, i actually assume if i report bots twice or more (even over several days/month) it won’t rank up in your list? Also actually some kind of report Corp would be nice to have since We love Westworld splitted up into several smaller corps now.