AT people get free pass on botting?

I reported the alt of an AT team guy for botting.

Reponse by GM was basically send a mail or click the button and don’t bother support with reporting bots. Reporting bots is not for support team wtf.

So I click report button and and wait. Guy keeps on botting, taking opportunities for legit players away. I click again, same. And again. Weeks go by and he still bots.

@CCP_Falcon do you give AT team people special treatment? I can’t see it in your rules. Can they legally bot?

If I’m honest I can tell you that I start to believe that you are not telling us the truth. You treat players differently. If I use some bad words you will ban me. If AT team guy bots you will ignore reports. What kind of company are you?


You can also email team security directly with evidence. On phone so cant check what it is easily but you should be able to find it with a search

I know but how can I have more evidence than CCP? Why does support tell me to go away instead of using my report? I don’t understand. Thanks for your help anyway.

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How do you know he is botting?

Besides him being in “Your spot” and not wanting to talk to you?

If you shoot at him does he warp out?

He is botting on contract market. Several people say they think he is botting. I think others report him too.

He is only 24 hours every day and he bids perfect in snipe mod for hours with no end.

Then he wins.

Then he does not redeem the items for another 12 hours.

And again and again.

When in normal mode, he will outbid you faster than you can outbid yourself. You know? Random contract, random time, you bid and try to re-bid immediately but he’ll already done it.

You can trick his bot by bidding several times in a row. Then he outbids you later than usual.

This alt is active for 8 years and surely not the only alt.

Sad thing is that if he gets banned after 8 years of cheating he will be away for 3 days. All players who lost opportunities against bot have nothing. He will be back after 3 days.

This is EVE. This is CCP.


Any way I am not here to convince any one. Believe what you want.

My country has corruption and I see what it does here.

I am only angry that I did not see CCP is having the same problem and waste my time here.

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When the GM pages him and says “Are you a bot”, all he has to do is say “No”. Issue over and the GM doesn’t have to report back to you.

The GM told me to not report bots to Eve support.

He didn’t make a determination, he is just telling you how to reports bots.

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EVE support does not feel responsible to take reports about bots. Everything else is their job but they deny reports about bots. Why?

Because there is a special tool, that button, that they want used.

Mate you were told how. You did. What’s the problem? They monitor suspected bots and work out how they work and how to detect them. Once you report move on…

I know and I try. It has been many weeks now and this bot is constantly interfering with my gameplay.

I’ve lost interest in part of the game because of the bot.

Probably I expect too much. I expect the company to act soon so players can have a normal game and follow the rules.

I think in other areas they do this much more quickly. Why not with bots? I do not know. It is not logical.

You say they take time and monitor. I hear that argument and I want to believe it. I try to believe it. Only how can I believe it if 3 day is the punishment for bots?

They sound like criminal police investigation but punish like grandma punish with sweets.

The bot can fight against me in game for weeks or months and his only problem is 3 days ban.

I think I expect something and so I expect already too much. May be I should just accept it as it is.

Thanks for your arguments but I think it is only my problem.

I still need to accept how corrupted this is. Then I can relax and I should may be just leave the game after this.

Where did 3 days come from?

Actually nvm your talking about the new first offence thing rolled out earlier this year. Each player gets one chance off the back of that. Next time its complete ban forever. I wouldn’t stress tbh.

Because Support is not Team Security, they don’t have access to the tools and records to investigate botting.

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sounds like someone’s more patient than you and you’re accusing them of being a bot

Banning botters in a F2P game is a waste of time and resources.

CCP occasionally bans a few for optics, but when you see one (or fifty) and report them, you’ll still see them doing their thing a month later.

Try this. Make a bunch of Alphas, use them for you-know-what and then report yourself.* See what happens. Then report back here.

Should make for one of those great threadnaughts as the apologists and botters come out of the woodwork to explain why CCP did nothing to a provable bot operation. It’ll be way better than a gank or AFK cloak thread.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

*Hypothetical situation, Falcon. Don’t ban me.


There is a dedicated button to report botters. That means that you’re not supposed to write a ticket for it and if you do it anyway it means that a GM can’t help you with it. All he’ll do is tell you to stop wasting his time and go use the fcking botting report button.

Besides that, even IF they did something to that botter they surely will not tell you, if you can’t understand why that is then we can’t help you, as you can’t be helped.

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That bis a lot of thinking but no evidence.