How to report bot

I found a mutiple-running bot (i m not a English speaker, not sure if its the right expression) working on Gallente militia rank4 missions for months.
I tried ingame reporting, with no results.

U can check their KB, in recent 3 months, this 6 chars have no normal player gaming besides riding jackdaw and doing the rank 4 G militia missions togather.

Please help me and stop this bot ■■■■ !


hope this being stopped if confirmed they are truely bots

If you reported them ingame then that sall you can do, CCP will investigate and punish where required, bans are not instant so don’t expect to send a report and see them banned right away

Here’s what happens.

You report them and CCP does nothing. Then Falcon closes this thread and says something along the lines of , “Yeah. We got it covered” and possibly linking to one of the blogs where he claims CCP has closed ever so many accts for botting.

Meanwhile, you’ll still be watching these botters botting for however long you can manage before realizing you’re better off playing a non-F2P game.


“Name & Shame” should be a feature in this forum. Let the ‘human’ players come defend themselves if they feel wrongly accused of botting.

Complacency is a botter’s friend. Call them out, blow them up and report them. You are doing what needs to be done here.

Ranting is not allowed on forums. Please use the official tools to report a bot, see here, or write an email to