Bot reporting!

Hi, please improve your bot reporting tool as it is absolutly part of the problem! leave a box where people can state why they think the character is a bot! as it stands now you have a warning to not abuse the reporting system so you are basically encouranging people to just ignore the bots!

i realize there are people that think everyone is a bot but it is very hard to tell for sure! so give people the space to put some input as to why!

you get a report that says bot but no details, how are you supposed to act on that?? no wonder there are so many!

I suspect almost every coercer in fw that is just a couple days old and running small plexes to be bots, can’t be 100% though so i and ccp should just turn a blind eye?? doesn’t seem right to me!

Also, how hard is it to assign 1 staff to actually be in game, logged in, with special powers of course to check out these reports in real time?? it is really just 1 server after all, why is that not done??

Reports are handled by computer and action is never taken on report alone. Only after internal tools will find something. GM staff takes decision to ban or not. So any notes are pointless.

There is CCP presentation from Vegas 2019 about how this tool works. Watch it since you have no clue whatsoever on how this works

And you still don’t have any argument to support your idea.

With time you wasted on spiting salt you would already watched @CCP_Larrikin presentation and be educated enough to understanding basic principals behind bot reporting tool.

What do you expect after Serenity failure?

You gotta understand lobbying my man.

Fly safe o7

your response is not only ignorant but utter garbage! maybe you are the one running these bots?? so theres no problem then, everything is working fine?? again, maybe you are the one running them!

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Where did they say there isn’t a problem? All they did was provide information on why CCP doesn’t ask for notes: any report triggers an automated tool to start review of the player’s activities to compare to CCP metrics for indicators of botting - the report doesn’t go directly to a GM.


so your point is its working fine and theres no problem?? than why are bots everywhere?? i don’t give a ■■■■ how it works, it is insufficient and anyone with a brain in their head that actually plays the game knows it!

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Nobody said it is working fine. There is simply no benefit to adding commentary to a system that cannot consume the data. It would need to be a larger overhaul of the entire bot reporting function, because literally no human sees the bot reports unless the automated tool backs up the assessment with enough flags for review.

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because almighty you said so?? again, why defend this garbage so much?? something to hide??

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I am not defending anything.

I am saying adding comments is a waste of your time: nobody would be reading them.

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So, maybe better tools and less shills? Seems like a reasonable thing.

You could always ask @Brisc_Rubal . He’s the last person who would shill for CCP

I like Brisc, he does a pretty good show.

Using alts to post bad ideas won’t help your case, btw.

These “notes” will be completely useless. It’ll be filled with useless stuff like “he didn’t respond when I convo’d him” (why do you feel entitled to a response?) and “he warped really fast back to a citadel when I entered system” (which, again, doesn’t mean anything).

Stop trying to add nonsense to this. Report them and move on.
No, we don’t need to make it a game.
No, we don’t need to give bonuses to wannabe bot hunter roleplayers.
No, we don’t need to have players add dumb reasons for why they think something is a bot.


Ok, CCP using an alt account as a shill. Keep being lazy because you don’t wanna be bothered to do actual work.

Why do you feel like hunting bots is “work” that you, as a player, need to do? Or better yet, one that you feel you’re competent enough to do successfully?

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I don’t hunt bots and did not refer to it as “work”. Why do you shill for CCP and ask them to ignore stuff?

The work I was referring to would be the work put in to creating new tools for reporting bots.

Or you can keep being a shill and ignore the issue some people might be having. Having fun with that whole reading comprehension problem you got there.

I don’t, but your continued attempts to incorrectly categorize my position is sus. Why you so angry about it?

Why? CCP already has their Sentinel anti-bot program. Why would CCP waste more time making a tool that PLAYERS would engage with (along with all of the abuse players can cause), when they can just continue using and improving the tools that they, as developers, use? Why must the tools come to the players? (Never mind the fact that PLAYERS are not the ones actually making this tool, as you tried to imply).

There it is again. I don’t think you know what that word means but you’ve seen it on 4chan or something, so you’re just absent mindedly repeating it as if it means something.


Lmao, and now we devolve into just insults and namecalling. And you expect that to garner support for your idea?

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It isn’t my idea, dummy, you may wish to check who the OP is. Go ahead and scroll up, I’ll wait.

I just like pointing out the shills, such as yourself.