How do u report bots?

this link doesnt work… the report bot option isnt there anymore in game.

how do u guy report bots?


PS: also why did ccp remove the report bot option from show info?

The link is still showing for myself under Character Information.

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If it was removed, I would say probably due to being abused and misused.

Its still there, you need to access the menu from the character sheet though :smiley:

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Did you watch the presentation?

What presentation?

During the last mini-fanfest, or the one before, there was this CCP guy talking about data, botting, security and their … uh … Sentinel thing. You should watch it. You’ll learn that abuse and false alarms don’t have any impact.

I’ll try to TL;DR this.

Apparently they’re having a really sophisticated and automated system to catch “cheaters”. They have software running, which has learned from all the legitimate player-data they have … which is a lot, as you know. It’s believable, because it makes no sense not to use some AI algorithms for this, as what they have and what they’re looking for is perfect for it.

The TL;DR of the TL;DR is what the guy on the stage said:

Sentinel, as he called it, analyses the behaviour of the players and assesses the probability of someone cheating. A cheater is a multiboxer, or a botter. I don’t remember if there were more types.

That’s absolutely possible and I have no doubt that they’ve been working on something like this, because it’s actually smart. And realistic. That guy didn’t ■■■■■■■■ people at all. I’d love to chat with him about this. The amount of behavioural data they can feed this is absolutely mind-blowing.

So … Sentinel puts a probability on you. When someone reports you and Sentinel the probability of you being a cheater is zero, then literally nothing happens. In any other case the probability literally skyrockets (i think he said that) and someone is being called in to check on it.

That this works became evident to me by seeing people on reddit posting about how reported bots vanished the next day. The. Next. Day. Not two weeks later, not two months later. The next ■■■■■■■ day. That’s ■■■■■■■ awesome!

It’s some high level AI ■■■■, but with their data it’s totally doable, so I believe it.

uuuhhh …

TL;DR of the TL;DR of the TL;DR:

False reports don’t matter.


The easiest way to spot a bot is to check if it has a mining permit. Bots are not programmed to purchase permits, so this CAPTCHA system makes them easy to identify.


How do you actually know when someone fakes a permit?

We have this thing called a list.

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Do you check said list twice.

What if the list is faked because you have spai in CODE.

There are no spies in CODE.


Challenge accepted.

I’ll ignore the unjustified undertone of your comment and just say …

… nice!

I reported bots many times. It “works” - they disappear after a few days, but their place is occupied by new bots, again and again.

It is though … you need to take your head out of your arse and look better.

CCP AI system removes bots. Yes!
Very short time, bots take profit to their creators. faster than reporting and collects statistics system AI.
Botcreators continue create new bots, again and again, this is endless, i see it every day.
CCP AI system not solve the whole problem.

You seem to know a lot about bots, botter.

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I don’t like playing with bots, they destroy the game, but the reports do not work properly, I try to find a working way to deal with bots, I had to watch the bots a lot because they appear again and again, I don’t care about your opinion if they are not useful in the fight against bots.