Is 'report bot' is working button?

I know some bots, and I’ve been pressing the ‘report bot’ button for everyday, and it’s been a month, and the bots are still taking unfair advantages while hurting my profit.

Since I’m very sure they’re bots, I hope CCP take action quickly.
Or at least they should check it out and message me ‘Now stop pressing that button, they’re not bots.’

It’s working.

BTW if you are reported as a bot but you aren’t actually cheating it should not be a concern for you.

The reports are cleared if they are found to be inconclusive or otherwise inaccurate.

Furthermore reports count as multipliers for various detection methods, so a report in and of itself is probably not enough to get you on team security’s radar, you would need to also be “doing stuff in-game”.

For juicy details I recommend this EVE Vegas 2019 talk by Larrikin:

CCP_Peligro -

How can you be so sure? Highsec is full of human bot-aspirants.


Methinks most if not all spammers in the market hubs - Jita and Amarr, to be precise - are bots, but I can’t prove it.

Rens, Hek and Dodie are spooky, silent cemeteries if you want some peace and quiet. Just don’t expect to find everything you need in the market.

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