Abuse of the report ISK seller/Bot button

I have been playing for a while and I have seen in jita and amarr local either people arguing or scamming which is 100% allowed by the way.

What is not allowed is the people responding to the scammers by reporting them as bots and isk sellers, i have been a victim of it numerous times of being reported as a gold seller or bot when I didn’t, and I have seen so many people in local say just report them for isk selling button to get them banned etc…

If someone is bot spamming that is 1 thing but just trying to screw someone over because you don’t like them by abusing the bot feature to get them banned is another.

I think anyone who abuses this feature should be instantly temp banned the first time, and perma banned the 2nd.

I am worried the GM’s wont look sometimes if 10 people report someone, and then they must petition after being banned for being a bot, they will get their accoiunt back but have to go through a un needed fiasco.


Just don’t spam like a bot?


Stop worrying about CCP’s or the helpdesk people’s workload; it’s none of your business, you can’t really make any changes or decisions about it, and however well-meaning you may be, they’re much bigger experts on the subject than you are, and likely have taken all the necessary measures already.

They cannot punish a player for taking an action that gives NO FEEDBACK that it may be abuse or an exploit. The game gives no indication when you’re botting vs. when you are not, so when they report you, they have no clue. Let CCP / helpdesk do their job of sorting through the reports; you don’t know what sort of tools they have, and what policies they have. And you have no control; you can scream and petition all you want, CCP won’t give up the right to make ban decisions however they see fit according to their own policies.

TLDR, stop worrying, it’s unhealthy for you.


Actually, if they find someone abusing the “Report ISK seller” feature or bot reports, as in, reports repeatedly seen to be unfounded, the reporter may risk a ban.

So the other way is valid all the same, too: Do not hit “Report ISK seller” just because someone in Local says so.

I think Jita spammers should be perma-banned.

Literally i just reported the OP as an Isk Selling Bot

L O L!

If you are talking about the scammers, they are doing nothing against the rules. Banning them would be very unfair.

Most of the scams seen in Jita local are fairly pathetic, that’s true, but people who fall for them kind of deserve to be scammed, really. - If you’ve managed to make a billion ISK (enough to fall for one of those scams) and haven’t figured out that Jita local is full of scammers, I don’t really know how to help you.

I dont care about the scams.

Its the spam that annoys the hell out of me.


There are usually only a handful of people who relentlessly spam local though. Easy enough to block, to get some peace and quiet.

I’m for a Spam TIDI specific to Jita.

One Local message per minute.

My god, how much I hate spammers…

What are you afraid of?
If they can’t find any “evidence” nothing happens, move along.
Even if you’re doing RMT, as long as they have no evidence nothing happens, so what would they find at you?

that’s why there’s this wonderful little option called "blocking"
it’s pure magic

Many years ago Bruce Jenner campaigned mighty against doping in sports. He also said that everyone who claimed HE was doping was wrong.

What happened? It turned out everyone who claimed he was doping were right. Most everything Bruce said on the subject of doping was a diversion away from himself.

Now, what is the OP up to?

Maybe it’s a double trap, it’s exactly what he want to make people think, we only don’t know what the catch is yet :grin:

Maybe. But in any case, the answer is the same: Let CCP sort it out. They have access to back-end data we don’t.

Let CCP handle people who abuse the system. :slight_smile: Thread closed so we don’t get into further discussion of warnings and bans.