Rename "report isk spammer" to "report isk seller (RMT)"

Am I the only one who had to google what “isk spammer” means? Wouldn’t it be easier to give the function a self-explanatory menu item?


You know what’s crazy?

“Report isk spammer” only appears in the drop down menu when you right click their name in chat.

“Report bot” only appears in the E menu on the top left of a character profile.

There’s no single “report player” option that opens a menu with a range of options for reporting different breaches. Everything else has to be done via an out of game website.


at leaset “report bot” is self explanatory. Feels like the fight against RMT is shooting itself in the foot by not only leaving the definition of “isk spammer” vague in-game, but this is further compounded by the warning that the misuse of this function has consequences.

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I blame EVE UI incostintency. incontinency, inco… I dont even know how to calll it.
It arose after so many people worked on it thru 15 years. Probably there are alrready no devs in CCP who were responsible for it, who could explain to us - WHY?

Another one.

Because reporting someone should be difficult. We are one happy family of friends. Remember: Friendship is the best ship. There is no need to report someone and you only have very few bad apples.

Besides, what you suggest was kind of possible in the old forum, but was effectively removed by CCP in the new forum where you cannot report specific thing aside from 3 things, which do not match to a whole range of reportable cases and behaviors. The same would happen to such a ingame player reporting feature.

Except reporting someone isn’t difficult. It’s unnecessarily tedious, but at times, necessary. There are many needs to report someone. And this post is about reporting people in-game, not the forums.

And that added tedium dissuades people from doing it as it is more hassle to report someone than to just block them or ignore the chat altogether.

This is correct. However, since CCP already ruined a perfectly fine working tool to report player behavior that violated a whole range of rules and made it only possible to report 3 very specific things (for the rest you would have to use the petition system. I see a pattern), the same development approach will apply to a consolidated ingame reporting tool.

That said, what you suggest is definitely needed. I just don’t see CCP doing the right thing and make it an actually usable and comprehensive feature. :confused:

No, mate, the tedium doesn’t do anything to dissuade. It’s not even that tedious, just poorly organised. Some people need to be reported, so quit the apologetics for rule breaking.

IMHO. the biggest issue is not how hard it is or how tedious - those are factors that CCP can tune to whatever degree they want. I believe the biggest issue is terminological ambiguity and the fact that players are warned that if they misuse this ambiguous system they can be punished. If it was clear from the start, that “isk spamming” = “RMT,” there would be a lot less perceived risk in reporting RMT, so more RMT would be reported.

Another potential addition is a “report contract as RMT” on public contracts.

I think ISK spammer came from WoW. Yes, INFLUENCE OF WoW ON EVE, SACRILEGE!

I have seen in WoW they are called gold spammers, from gold spam. CCP just changed gold to ISK.

Or maybe it was from some other game, earlier? :thinking:

Does this mean CCP expects WoW players to come to EVE and for their benefit uses a similar terminology? :open_mouth:

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