Proposal: Ingame Report Function

It shocks me that a game this old doesn’t have a report function. The only reason I can think of is that less players is less income, which would be an awful reason for CCP to do this.

There are plenty of reasons to report a player, whether it’s a bad name, homophobic comments or general insults and all that. There is a lot of scam/spam in the help and just general debauchery and flaming. A simple report feature for actions like these would go a long way.

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You can report bad behavior. Check out the following article for more information.

The game has an ingame report function for bots.

And if it’s something else you wish to report someone for, follow Shipwreck Jones’ advice and create a support ticket.

Aye, I’m aware guys, thank you! :slight_smile:

I meant a more streamlined, quick report function like many, many other games have.

Many other games disallow scamming. That’s all part of the game here.

I’m more on about posting offensive things just to get to people and scamming specifically in helper channels.

But that’s why you have people in those help channels to moderate the channel. :wink:

Reporting a throwaway spam/scam toon isn’t going to help much anyway, much more direct actions need to be taken to stop that.

You can report a isk scammer in game, via right clicking on that person.

No. You can’t. Scams are legal in EVE and isk spamming is totally different thing than scamming.

And that option i r-click menu is to report RMT.

Not all scams are legal. And yes I’m aware that is for RMT or possibly for those who scammed isk by making someone purchase plex for isk. But it does say isk scammer.

ISK Spammer. And it’s option to report people suggesting buying or selling isk for RL money. I get that admitting you are wrong comes really hard on this forum. But at lest spent 5 seconds to look it up in game. Much better solution than making things up.

No. The last thing we need is a thousand Karens reporting player names they don’t like or something that was said that they don’t agree with…

The support tickets are very helpful and the people who respond I found are quick efficient and always understanding. I would recommend filing a support ticket.

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Karen: "Hello. CCP? Yes, I’d like to report a player citadel named “Uncle Touchy’s Naked Puzzle Basement”…

Hey I admit when I’m wrong, and ok so I was off by a letter.

Millennials and Zoomers won’t be happy until they’ve turned EVE into Hello Kitty Online. If the CCP Devs were interested in offensive names or what gets said in local, most everyone would be banned. For example, type the word “Jew” into player search and there are a couple hundred players that would be instantly banned…

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I will send 100mil ISK to the first person who correctly explains what ISK spamming is.

ISK spamming is part of advertising RMT - the illegal act of selling ISK for real money. It is something you would see a lot in lots of games, but luckily something I haven’t seen in EVE for a long time.

“buy your ISK for (insert RMT price) from (insert RMT website name) now!”

Spammed everywhere: chat channels, direct messages, mails and names of anchorables.

I thought it was something else. Was I arrogantly wrong and now look silly?

Maybe, not sure what you thought it was. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s also ISK spamming in the form that you give 1 ISK to someone, repeatedly, with lots of people to keep notifying them of the ISK gained.

And there’s spamming about ISK such as ‘If you send me ISK I’ll send double back!’ and other similar ISK-related scams.

But neither of those are illegal, unlike spamming ISK RMT websites for which the report function exists.