Proposition for Blocking setting

Dear CCP, & CSM
i recently got scammed by someone called “Serenity FireSlayer” and he stole 2.8 bil from me and blocked me, he fooled me for an empty crate that i thought had Plex in it, i know it’s not illegal according to the current game’s mechanics , i reported him as isk scammer (nothing happened there) and blocked him and left a warning in public chat channels for other players
Even we both blocked each other i still could see him bragging in chat how he fooled a new player ,this made me delete the game even thou i really enjoyed it, i can play again and make it back but it really sucks.
My request is that you simply change the blocking setting so that anyone you block can’t read what you type in public or local chat or you see what they type.
Thank you.
PS: i already posted this in new player Q&A and raised the issue in a support request and they suggested i post here

HI @Lady_Jops. Welcome to EVE and sorry to hear that you got scammed. A few points are in order:

  • This topic should be raised in the Feature Requests & Ideas category where it will carry more weight - there is no reason to appeal to CSM directly because they will not take this seriously at all whatsoever. If you edit the category for this post, it will gain more exposure in that category so you can establish a dialogue with the community.
  • It is a waste of your time and CCP’s time when you report someone for ISK scamming for employing a scam that utilizes legitimate in-game mechanics. That report feature is intended for things like botting and Real Money Trading (RMT). Under no circumstances at all whatsoever will CCP act on such a report otherwise. They are also not going to take action upon the player by submitting a ticket for them scamming with two exceptions: if your account is new (yours is arguably not, especially if you had that much ISK), the scammer may be punished according to CCP’s Rookie Griefing policy, and it is remotely possible but incredulously unlikely CCP may give you some consolation reimbursement of some form orders of value orders of magnitude less than what you lost as a one-time courtesy - do not expect this to happen.
  • On behalf of 95%+ of the community, I will tell you upfront that there is no good reason why you blocking someone should prevent them from viewing something you say in a channel they have read-access to, and this will be soundly rejected by the community, CSM, and CCP. There is no analogue to this behavior anywhere else in the real world, nor is there a necessity for it. Access to relatively public information is particularly important with regards to the vital role of player intelligence in EVE: can you imagine how easy it would be to hide information simply by blocking everyone around us, especially in player-created channels? This makes no sense, not even in IT Security (I would know, I’m a certified IT Security technician with enterprise experience).

I again apologize for your unpleasant experience, but this is not the way to approach it. The best thing you can do is learn from your mistake and learn from others to better yourself and become that much wiser.


ISK scammer and ISK spammer are two seperate things.

Don’t do that. Learn from it and move on.


First of all its sad that you lose the ISK.
Now to the point,Scamming in the game is a legit feature.Now just dont be sad and try to learn the game.

You know that you’ve exhausted all your remedies when the GMs tell you to post in here.

As the others have noted, the block function is primarily designed to remove posts from that player in local, so you can keep the spam out. It’s not like a Facebook block, where you can pretend that the person never existed.

Best advice is to learn from the experience. Everybody has gotten scammed in this game. I’ve bought more than one 1 bil isk cyno in my days. Nothing to be angry or embarrassed about.


thank you all for your replies and advice, i’m not that old (3 months old) and i managed to make that much by exploration, my concern wasn’t on the isk ,as it’s unpleasant nothing can be done ,someone donated just after the incident and made me see that there is good among this community, even though i understood basically everything i could about the game and the forums i still have a lot of things to learn .
what i had in mind was that the blocking setting will be similar to social media to avoid other players from that troll or jokes from someone that you blocked, but seeing how that couldn’t be the case in eve universe i don’t think it can be done without affecting the game.
i will edit the post to show in Feature Requests & Ideas so others may learn from my mistake or discuss it further.
I enjoyed playing the game a lot so i won’t let any bad players influence that.

The player did nothing wrong, you are stupid and fell for it and worse now you come to the forums to try to discredit this person who made a great score.

Worst kind of weak sore loser…


Posterity :rofl:

I did delete it and i reinstalled it ,imagine losing that much after working hard to make it and just because you made one small stupid mistake. i learned my lesson, and i’m discrediting him so others won’t make the same mistake.

Only sore losers discredit people on the forums, you act like he actually did something wrong and deserves some lynch mob style social justice.

Guess what, he doesn’t and all you are doing is advertising how gullible you are.

Oh and posting names is against the forum rules…

If me being gullible saves others from falling for his scams ,then i’m okay with that.
and my post was a suggestion for blocking setting ,i don’t care for getting any social justice, after all it’s only a game and i can make what i lost in just the way i made it before, by playing the game.

That’s why you started with someone’s name and posted twice in two different forums.

It’s a whine thread.

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