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Dear CCP,
i recently got scammed by someone called “Serenity FireSlayer” and he stole 2.8 bil from me and blocked me, he fooled me for an empty crate that i thought had Plex in it, i know it’s not illegal according to the current game’s mechanics , i reported him as isk scammer (nothing happened there) and blocked him and left a warning in public chat channels for other players
Even we both blocked each other i still could see him bragging in chat how he fooled a new player ,this made me delete the game even thou i really enjoyed it, i can play again and make it back but it really sucks
My request is that you simply change the blocking setting so that anyone you block can’t contact you or read what you type in chat or you see what they type.
Thank you

While the sentiment is valid, your reply isn’t appropriate for NCQ&A. You know better…

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You did not have him blocked properly

Blocking only prevents YOU from seeing the messages of the blocked person. It does not impact whether HE can see your messages afterwards. That’s how it’s always been.

If you have blocked him properly, this is already the case. You cannot see their messages in chat, they cannot send private messages or EVE Mails to you. There are still other ways to get around it, however.

Also already takes place if you blocked them properly.

The block function only works on YOUR end. It doesn’t, and I don’t see why it should, extend to you controlling what the OTHER PERSON can see.


i have him blocked in my account, and he ofc can’t mail or add me contact yet i still can see what he post in public chats channels, what i was requesting is something similar to social media platforms where if u block someone he is removed from search result, public posts and comments…

If you block someone in chat you will not see their posts. Right-click on their name and select block.



I think as has been said, we all expect that to already be the case. If a character is blocked by you, you shouldn’t see their posts in local chat.

If you do, I’d start on the with a petition here:

And support might suggest filing a bug report.

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Odd - what’s a ‘new player’ doing with ‘2.8 bil’ ?


i did a lot of exploration and trade and made enough to plex for two months (i’m three months old player), but i made a mistake of trusting another player in eve so he just …took it :frowning:
i can make it back so that’s not my issue

Yep, like in real life, be sure who you can give that amount of money. Would you really give a suitcase full of money to a stranger? I hope you don’t, otherwise police would ask you some painful questions.

Lesson learned, I hope.

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