More granularity to the block option : block local or-and block private

I’ve encounter a pretty bad situation for nearly 1 week and the features existing ingame aren’t solving my problem.
Ok, Me and my friend have been bullyed by an old player, we can’t play, undock or move around. It’s tough but it’s part of Eve.
The problem is that we’ve been also harrassed by private message and I don’t know how our bullyer succed to send us private message without making us accept it before, it popped direct on the screen.

The ingame solution is to block this player, so he can’t send us private anymore BUT as he’s in our home system, we still need to know what’s happenning there, even if it’s from him. And especially if it’s from him as he could talk with our neighbourgh or friends.

So what would be usefull, is to be able to block someone and to choose if it’s a local block or a private block, or both (as actual) It could be just a checkbox on the char or on the block page.

I hope I explain it well as English isn’t my native language.

Thanks, hope it could be implemented ingame.

See you in the black & fly safe !

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Don’t worry about that. I’m an American and nobody can murder a foreign language better than us. :wink:

Welcome to the forums, its more bloodthirsty than the game.

“I” thought you could block both personally and in local? I haven’t had to do it in so long that I can’t remember but someone will be along to clarify, I hope!

When you block, it is both local & in private message, you can’t decide to block in private message only.

This seems like a really specific issue that could probably be fixed by not accepting the convo or whatever because convos don’t just appear. If he’s really being that bad, report him to CCP and get him banned.

This would be nice, being able to block people from eve mail, block from sending a convo message, and block from channels as currently block is just block everything, can be annoying.

Do agree though, report the character.