Blocked players can still send messages

If a player is harassing you, you can block them. However, they can still send you messages.
They can do this by sending you isk, and putting their message in the ‘message’ field of the ‘send money’ dialogue.

I had this done to me by a pilot that I killed. I blocked him, but he kept sending me isk with abusive messages.

I imagine that CCP is serious about wanting to provide a safe(ish) space to players, free from abuse. The ‘block’ option should not be so easily circumvented.

(also submitted as a bug report)

Also report them through a support ticket for what they are doing if you haven’t already did so. Circumventing deliberate restrictions like this are an exploit which is against the EULA and also this is clear harassment as you did all you could to block them yet they keep doing it regardless.

Also not to make you sad but they can always create free alts to spam you with unwanted messages if they want to. Which is also the same case and should be reported so they get warned or if warranted other punishment put on them and in overwhelming cases they might even get banned. At least how the procedure is explained not sure if anyone ever got banned for such though.

You’re right, of course. I didn’t do that though. The messages were in Russian. I didn’t translate them.

I did happily accept all of the isk though. It was odd. They could have sent 1 or 2 isk and sent the message. Instead, it was 10, 20, 30 million isk. All appreciated…

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