Harassment through exploits

3 days ago I blocked a character in jita 4 4, he then spam trade windowed me a good 60+ times after, every trade window opened and closed defaults my mouse clicker back to the window making the game completely unplayable.

as of today hes still doing it 3 days later, petition you say?? well i did 3 days ago on def ccp ears. not even a reply.

i will not log off, i will not change stations and run away, fix your game mechanics PLEASE

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and you did nothing to instigate this?
doubtful …

leave the trade open and minimize …

the fact is he closes them and re opens and then does all over 3 days of this, it shouldn’t be allowed or even possible

Move. And if it still happens then petition ccp that you are being followed and harassed. Sometimes you have to take the high road and leave

Please review EVE Support: Harassments and Offensive Behavior and ensure you’re providing specifics.

GM’s should investigate and resolve it. You can also look at the Live Chat option at the bottom right after you login on the support page.


Wait what?! GMs get paid? Whoa… cool.

Seriously, if they are using a “known exploit” to crash other clients, this feature is then not WAI and should be reviewed by the developers. I think it would get a much higher priority on the whiteboard, if it was something about Plex or PvP combat and not just a trade menu. Since this feature has existed for over 10 years, I don’t think the problem will go away anytime soon.

On the other hand, trade wars (in all economy based games) are fair. I am Caldri at heart and should you come in and overbid my offer by 1 ISK expect me to return and outbid you by 10 ISK and swap to regional. However if you are new to the game, be sure you read this page to avoid scammers.

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