Came back from break -4 Billion ISK


Please copy/paste chat and screenshot and post here and

Am I alloed to screenshot and paste a GM petition?, i dont want to break any rules

most likely you made the trade offer on a place where scam was not allowed.

it was in JITA lol

You are not allowed to post conversations with GMs in the forum as far as I’m aware.

Well, you can see exactly what you get in the trade window and you have to click actively “accept”. I guess they are allowed. At least I see people try to sell T1 ships as faction ships pretty regulary.


when you do a trade window trade, you have to go through several steps:

  1. open trade window
  2. make offer (or close trade window by hitting cancel)
  3. review deal (or close trade window by hitting cancel)
  4. accept or reject offer (or close trade window by hitting cancel)
  5. click accept or click cancel

At ANY POINT, did it not occur to you that something was the slightest bit wrong?
…at which point you could have instantly cancelled the trade by closing the trade window…

Sucks to be you.

[EDIT: I was going to add something but I completely forgot what it was. So instead, some sage advice: whether completing a contract or completing a trade, take your time and review EVERYTHING. Hitting “Accept” is a conscious decision you make based on what is in front of you. At that point all the information you need is there. Or, just carry on spamming that “accept” button and carry on sending in tickets when you make another 4bill “mistake”.]

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At any point when you were writing that reply, did it not occur to you that OP is the scammer?

Not on the forums. Go to Reddit, CCP have no authority there.

It is allowed and I suggest you escalate that ticket. Unless there’s more to the story than you’re telling us.
Or it could just be another step towards CCPs ongoing goal of WoWfication of EVE. Who knows.


Yes, it did. Shockingly, I’m pretty smart for an Englishman.

The OP’s spelling is horrible making it difficult to understand his post but I think he tried to scam someone by altering (lowering) the agreed price in a trade window but was then later overruled by a GM who argued he didn’t pay the “agreed” price.


Was the trade agreed upon on the forums before the trade took place in game? Because scamming is not allowed on the forums market.


In Jita I was offering Plex for isk, some guy offered me top isk over what he could buy it in market, as soon as the trade window appearance with the very generous offer I shut it, not going to fall for that one.

Read what gm wrote. That is total BS. that gm is wrong/bad at his job.

Trade window scamming is PEEFECTLY LEGAL.



That applies only to the character bazaar. Scamming on the forums is otherwise perfectly okay.


I would escalate that ticket.

That gm is wrong. Get his boss to review.

Wow ccp you better outsource to some better workers.

Wtf is happening to CCP lately?

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Yeah, if this is as you describe it here, the GM action makes no sense, as - again going by your description - this is within accepted game behaviour and use of game mechanics. Heck, it’s even part of EVE University’s wiki. Just like it is explained to New Players in the New Citizens Q&A section.

Now if this were in a starter system, that would be a different case. Likewise if it were to deal with Plex or character sales.

Again, going by what you’ve described (but we have no idea here as to whether that is complete or accurate) CCP’s Reimbursement Policy (Item 8) seems clear.

You’re certain you didn’t do anything fishy? But, in before the lock I suppose. This should be between you and Customer Support.

Hm the case seems so clear and yet the described reaction of a GM sounds so wrong.

I’m starting to think we’re not being told the whole story.


Welcome to humanity, it is a bit of an odd species :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, possibly.

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5 years ago I’d have said the same. But today? Nah, sounds entirely reasonable. Just look at what EVE has become.

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They don’t control Reddit, post it there.

Ah, I see you did. Good show.