Scams for the new player to be aware of

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Over on another forum post there is a discussion about new players leaving the game because they perhaps get scammed in the game or as a side note because they are not aware of aggression mechanics. Whilst I am not sure how some scams work I know that they exist so I call on those with knowledge to outline their knowledge of scams as well as other mechanics that the new player may not be aware of so that they can be informed.

1: Trade window scam.
The way ive seen this is that you offer something for sale in local, generally an expensive item. A trade window pops up and offers the amount of isk you’re asking for, you go to trade you items and suddenly you are without the item and without the money… This is a scam, do not trade via trade windows in this way, use a private contract to the individual.

2: the firesale because they are leaving eve or the stolen hanger loot
Ive only seen this in jita but I am sure it is elsewhere. You see in local that someone is getting rid of 9.x billion for of stuff because they are leaving or because they stole it from a hanger etc. you look at the contract and it is up for 950million, you think they made a mistake so you buy it… the stuff is not worth the 950m, copy the items into evepraisal and you will see what it is worth

Came back from break -4 Billion ISK
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3: Kill Rights
People will sit idly in space in a cheap ship after placing a kill right on themselves with an absurd cost in hopes that someone will fall for it.

4: The "Give me Isk, get 10x more!"
Often in their bios they have a game where you send them ISK so they give back, I have no confirmation of players actually being repaid but most of them hint to “following the rules” in order to get the isk, which is usually a very small text on a grey colour which is hard to read.

5: "3… 2… 1… Contract for cheap!"
Some players love to spam the chat with these and audibly announce the player that wins the prize, usually the cheap contracts are always directed to an alt and instantly acquired, then he swaps the price to a ridiculous amount in hopes someone falls for it due to the “double enter” trick to accept contracts swiftly.

6: The triple “Geckos for low price” contracts
This could be any item really, but more common with geckos, they will often spam just the same 3 contracts, two of which were cheap but already taken and one of them with a ridiculous price for even a Gecko.

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This might be worth looking at:

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OP, it would have been a helpful post, if you would actually explain the scams (if you understood them), their purpose and mechanic, so people can learn something instead of just fear mongering.

Thanks for adding helpful info ISD Stall.

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Nice link, they have a lot of useful info generally.

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I don’t know their mechanics though or I would have posted them, but I know they are scams, there purpose is to give lesser value items or no items at all for ISK from the unsuspecting player. there is no fear mongering involved, they are scams straight and simple and this post and the links off of it will allow new players to be aware of them.

The mechanics really are irrelevant, players (especially new players) just need to know there are scams in eve and this is how (some of them at least) materialise.

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i’ve made a couple dozen million isk from the scammer in amarr, who always has one legit contract, among the tripple, as well. he’s doing it really well that way. it’s like an atm machine, and as long as the wallet is small enough, there’s no danger.

now i just wonder why anyone cares about new players, who don’t have the money to fall for them wnyway. and those few dozens, among the thousands, who buy billions with real money, aren’t worth being “protected”. they won’t read this thread anyway.

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You missed the Margin Trading scam.

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Nope, the mechanics are the most important bit. If you do not understand the mechanics you are fear mongering as has been posted. For instance the trade window is fine to use for trades if you understand the mechanics behind the scam.

EDIT for content : You can assemble a Vexor (12mil), rename it to “Vexor Navy Issue” and sell it via trade window to some mug for 80Mil. My record is 15 at once years ago :fiestaparrot:

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Pretty much anything in local in any of the trade hubs…

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Dunno, bought my first cruiser BPCs in Dodixie local. I had a close look at the contract, and it was fair and affordable.
I was happy, the vendor was happy, the blueprints work, the cruisers cruise.
I was able to pay as a Newbie, so they were not too expensive, and I had no Idea where else to get them from because I was still in the beginner corp.

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@Keno_Skir sorry I still disagree, the mechanics of the scam are irrelevant, the only people I trade with are my own corp mates and my alts, there is no need to trade anything with anyone one, for 10k isk you can set up a private contract, that is the best and safest way to do a deal between two people

@Corraidhin_Farsaidh mos tof it yes, but not all. Ive tried posting in local, not much success to be fair but sold some thing, legit things, no scams

@Boldly_Gone not sure what your trying to say to be honest, from what you said you had to look at a private contract which IS the best way to do it, you didn’t buy from a trade window.

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What I wanted to say: You can’t generalize this thesis directly above my reply.

So I agree with you :slight_smile:

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I would even be careful with that since I tend to see blueprints in these scams myself and if I am not mistaken, eveprasial treats BPC’s as if they are BPO’s(and thus shows a higher price)

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