Contract scam

I had just found out that eve online allows other players to scam others

I was shocked to find that out and to think it is best to find this out now in the 3rd week playing this game on an Omega account along with spending real money to buy plex.

So the loss was small compared with what I was prepared to spend with this company.

Thank you for the short few weeks I had with your game and will be sure to pass the message along of my review,

Good riddance

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If only there was information out there to warn players of this type of action…
oh wait

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Your are shocked? In a game which advertises with open non-consensual PVP, no place is safe, wild-west law of the fittest?


Obligatory: “Can I have your stuff?” :wink:


I had read the following page;

b. Intentionally creates contracts that cannot be completed through normal game mechanics or abilities.

It was clear and then while I was traveling to the drop off I had received a request to chat by a pilot who asked if I could take other contracts. I said I will complete this one first then it after arriving at the dock it was locked giving the message denied access.

This does not apply, because you could have docked in the pick-up station before accepting the contract (which you should do). Also you get a clear warning that the pick-up or destination may not be accessible.

The courier scam is very common, and honestly very annoying, because it effectively means, nobody will haul stuff to your citadel. CCP is working on a drop-box like mechanic to make access rights obsolete, but it’s not here yet.


Eve isn’t for everyone so there is no shame in taking your ball and going home.

But also remember the vibrant economy including the in-game market and need for professional haulers only exists because players can make deals with each other, some of which can border on or be scams, and that haulers have some risk of failing their contracts. Without that, why would anyone pay you to haul their stuff if it was safe?

Eve also features piracy, war, a changing player-driven market and yes, scams, any of which can result in you losing your stuff. You should also make that clear in your “review” so other gamers out there understand that this is a competitive sandbox game, not Euro Truck Simulator or Hay Day in space.

Best of luck finding a game that suits you better.


Yup the more people are aware what this game is about the better for all parties involved.

Jita 4-4 “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.”



You ended your last sentence with a comma. Where will you publish your review, so that i may view it?

Scams are a part of eve. Many articles have been published. You have to be careful. The weak and stupid(read: you) get culled and farmed. But only the guys who cant handle consequences and get angered easily and ragequit(read: you again) quit the game.

I do hope you find a game full of rainbows and sunshine. Life said to death, “why do people love me and hate you?”, and death replies “because you are a beautiful lie(Hello Kitty Island Adventure), and I am a painful truth(Eve online)”. When youre ready to face the truth, the harshness, and unforgiving, come back to us.


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Bet there’s no review.

That must not be true, OP has lied to me?! Say that is not true! SAY IT. :disappointed_relieved:

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Sorry, I think you’ve been… SCAMED!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

What a shocking turn of events. I am disgusted. Will quit EVE shortly as a result. No you can not have my stuff I will contract everything to one of my alts. :wink:

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“These aren’t the reviews you’re looking for”



Bye bye!
…Well, can you at least leave me 3 Scourge light missiles, or are u gonna be that selfish? I gotta have my inventory in multiples of 5.

You can always participate in my public blueprint giveaway, I think there are still scourge missile blueprints left though not sure, also not sure if the light missile variant or the heavy but worth checking out, either case maybe you find something else useful to apply for if nothing else. :slight_smile:

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You’re such an angel, Rex!

My review is still being created and that when it releases, it will include parts of this game that I had not yet discovered.

I had decided to complete my journey that I had set out to do a few weeks ago,

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Why, thank you.

Post a link to it here when youre done, ill be sure to read it.

Good for you. Eve online is about realism and a gritty, dark universe filled with death and despair. But it is also a place where hope and trust blossom into things wonderful and yet unexperienced in other games.

Ive had a lot of good times and some bad ones too. Thats what makes this game so great. My losses are real, but ive also inflicted real losses on other people. Makes me smile every time i see someone lose an expensive ship.