Haulers need more garanty

Hello everyone,

I don’t know if it will change something for the devs but I will say my suggestion anyway.

Today I did lose 2.7b. For a lot 2.7b is nothing but for me it was way a lot. Why did I lose it? Transport contracts scamming. There is no security with contracts. IRL a contract is something you have to respect cause otherwise you can have serious problem but in Eve Online contracts are a joke. Delivery contracts need more garanty.

Someone can just put a huge collateral and if you accept it he can just disable the docking permission at his structure and retire the core. That will make the hauler unable to complete the contract even by the direct personal hangar deposit. Talking about that, how useless this great fonction is at this point.

Call it like you want but I will say it like it is : it’s a exploit. A natural exploit. Natural, cause there is no way in game that allow the player to complete a delivery contract in this kind of situation cause there is no way in game that is developed yet for these kind of situations.

Why can delivery contract can’t deposit anyway into structures via the direct delivery personal hangar ? It would be just better ? No ? Or making the hauler able anyway to dock when having active contract with a certain structure ? Why CCP just allow that kind of exploit ?

I really find it discusting to have lose my money like this. My money that I get by skills extractors. All this waste of time. Real time and a lot of time.

Anyway. I hope it will be fix soon. For myself, I don’t really know if I will continue. Thank you for your time and cya around… Maybe.


Well, if you didn’t suck all of your brains out to turn into space bitcoins, then maybe you would’ve been smart enough to research the contract history of the issuing party and/or just not take contracts that terminate at a citadel.


Thanks for the report.
Tools for verifying a contract before you accept them is a difficulty that I feel could do well in being raised in the Assembly Hall.

Do you think that de-coring should automatically invalidate the contract on the issuers side and refund collateral?

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I’m smart enough to find it not normal tho. I hope saying this to a “new player” meaning that I for sure didn’t know about searching all these informations will make you sleep better. Thank you for your answer anyway.

But not smart enough to learn the gameplay involved in it seems.

Haulers don’t need more guaratnee. They just need to use their brain.


Major bummer. 2.7b is a lot to a lot of capsuleers.

That’s disgusting and I don’t blame you for being upset but that’s also EVE, no guarantees no certainties.
Is there a Hauling Channel? Maybe you could take clues from other haulers… unless competition is so tight that they wouldn’t share a few tips.
I do Distribution missions and that’s as close as I dare do something even resembling what you do.
I don’t think that cramming a few billions worth of stuff in a defenceless ship and go jumping around NE is a good idea personally.

These kinds of situations are part of the risks. Every activity in EVE involves risks. Taking those risks is up to you. Asking for a game change, might as well give you a teleportation device.
Not all hauling contracts involve rip-off.

Those are the risks you yourself accepted when you decided that Hauling was something for you. You obviously can’t take the loss so maybe a change of career is in order?

That’s about $30 loss or less. What I would do to recoup that loss is not pay for Omega for a month and have fun as an Alpha. If you’re already Alpha then skip a few McDonald meals.

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We should be able to invalid the contract and having collateral back by returning at the collect station to deposit the package where we took it.

Or maybe making a delivery contract should give the hauler a permit to anyway depose package at the direct personal hangar?

There is solutions to this exploit.

Thank you a lot for your answer I will for sure look by the section you shared to me.


I will give you attention for the last time, so enjoy.

I did have a character that was create a time ago. I didn’t play that much, almost not. The end.

I’m trying to show a exploit in game and make things change. I’m not your father to show you how to talk to people so go bother someone else if you can’t be kind and useful. Thank you.

You find it ok then to lose at a game cause of a exploit against you? I don’t. It’s not a game anymore at this point.

This can be fix with not that much, so why not trying to change it. Eve will be just better.

It isn’t a gameplay, it’s a exploit.

No it isn’t. You were beaten by another player that was able to outsmart you, because you were too greedy for your level of understanding of the game.

It’s happened to many of us that have spent any significant time in the game. Mistakes happen and it’s the nature of EVE, which is competitive by it’s nature.

The mature, strong and smart players learn from their mistakes and carry on, never to make the same mistake twice.

The weak, lazy and incompetent come complaining about exploits and asking CCP to make the game easier for themselves.


It’s for sure a exploit but thank you anyway for your point of view.

Show me, which one is it?:

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Your ignorance has been exploited.
It is part of the game and it hurts to admit.
I am not aware of any guides or advise on how to avoid the problem you encountered.


How is anyone supposed to know how long you’ve actually played?

All we see is a post by a six-year-old character that’s complaining about a scam that’s very easy to anticipate and avoid. The end.


I guess you are right. I mean for sure for the part on the ignorance, I need more experience.

For the functioning I don’t know. Every new players can fall into this. It isn’t a thing that we can counter at all when in, so it’s for me the definition of a exploit. People have just learned how to not be punch by that and it’s ok but it’s not normal to not be able to do something about that when it happen. I could have accept this contract by accident and it this case I will have anyway lose my money. It’s not sad, it’s bad. It need to be fix.

There’s a warning right on the contract page, not sure what’s the problem.

Also can’t you remove the core only by unachoring the citadel?


Nothing needs to be fixed. Just like in real life, always read any contract thoroughly before signing on the dotted line.

Scams are allowed in game as well.


I made a contract yesterday and i contacted the hauler politely to ask how long he’d be roughly. He said about 2 hours.

I can imagine a different sort of player finding and killing the hauler for that XD

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Eh, I kind of agree with the OP. As a general rule, I like scams that would make sense in the fictional universe EvE takes place in- somebody betrays their corporation or lures somebody in with a contract, then attacks them or whatever. But scams where the takeaway is about reading small print more carefully… Eh, that just doesn’t seem fun in the same way. I certainly don’t think it is an actual exploit, but it is kind of exploit-like in that it is taking advantage of an oddity of an artificial game mechanic more than something more substantive. I’d put it more in the category of Jita contract scam spamming than the category of a trusted member of a corp suddenly transferring control of a station to an opposing corp or whatever.