It's not a contract if you can't complete it - Courier

This is a long standing conversation with player owned structures, and courier contract scamming.

When is this going to come to an end? This particular type of scamming is unnecessary to the “this is eve” atmosphere.

Now I’ve not personally been scammed, but it’s getting really tiring to hear about it. Especially when after a contract is accepted docking rights can be removed.

One of two solutions, if your station has an open courier contract and has docking rights at the time of the contract, docking permissions can’t be revoked for the individual who took it.

This still allows people to scam, because apparently that’s what eve is all about, and not actually having fun. This still allows people to scam by issuing a courier contract, while all docking permissions are already cut off hoping someone will accept it. At that point its the same idea behind the 9.8b scam with 980m buy out but only like 30m worth of items. It’s at that point your fault for not realizing the citadel was not accessible.

The second solution is auto deliver when in tethering range of the destinations building.

When you can accept a courier contract while docking rights are open to all, and they can close them. It’s like accepting a contract for X amount and then having it turn into Y amount where in X was 100m and Y is 1000m.

It’s just not right CCP. Please fix this problem.


Simple answer try and dock before accepting contract that way your in the station ready to go. Then all you have to do is undock and go, or is that to simple?

I agree it really doesn’t do anything for eve except emptying players of their isk if they are not paying attention.
Bottom line tho, if people really want stuff delivered then they would terminate at an NPC station, if it isn’t going there then no takie, too much collateral, no takie.


It tells you that the station may not be accessible. Not CCP’s fault if you can not read. Go to Jita and get your isk doubled if you need isk that bad.

You apparently don’t know anything about courier contracts. You have to accept it to pick it up and then move it. In the time you accept it they can lock you out, thus you can’t deliver, thus losing possibly billions.


The station may not be accessable, is ccp’s lazy way to deal with a problem that shouldn’t even exist, and was likely never intended.


It also says “May Not” If the station is accessable at the time of the contract being accepted, it should have to remain open until courier contracts are closed with the station. End of story.

You can’t have a regular item contract for 100m and the person accepts it and it charges him 1000m instead, so how can you approve of this?

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I’m not seeing the problem here. “Station may not be accessible” is the same as “you’re about to enter lowsec, there is no concord there, pucker your anus?” and clicking the ‘yes’ button to go in. You acknowledge and accept the risk by accepting the contract/jumping the gate. Welcome to EVE.

Having never done contracts before, what happens to the cargo I’m hauling if I get locked out? Do I get to keep it?

You may, at any time, choose to keep the cargo.
Inversely, the contractor may, if they choose, fail the courier contract at any time after the duration specified in the contract if you have not completed it.

In either case, you get to keep the cargo, and instead of being returned to you, the collateral you deposited when accepting the contract is paid out to the contractor.

Ah, so thats why I see collaterals in the billions…

nope, not for me

Except when you go into low sec you know you’re going into low sec. When you get a contract and the docking rights are open, you expect to be able to deliver it.

Like I said imagine accepting a contract for 100m and it deducts 1000m from you, that’s what’s happening when you can’t deliver a contract.

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I like the idea of being able to deliver goods into a Citadel as long as you’re in Tether range. You can’t interact with your inventory inside, but you can complete Couriers from right outside if they won’t let you in.

There is nothing stopping an individual from sticking a bpc worth 500k into a courier contract to their citadel, charging 4b collateral and locking you out, thus 24 hours later you fail and they get 4b isk collateral.

It needs to be changed, because no other system in game allows you to directly rip off people in such a manner. It’s unethical.

I provided a manner in which scamming could still be done, if CCP so wishes to keep scamming in.

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It needs to seriously happen, it’s not something grand that makes eve famous, it ruins the reputation of the game that a flawed game mechanic hasn’t been fixed.

It’s not like heisting 400b worth of ships, that your friend let you have access to, or selling an entire alliance, or gaining the password to a PoS.

It’s a contract that can be abused, no other form of contract lets you do this. Like I keep saying, imagine you buy a bpc for 100m and when you press accept it charges you 1000m. That’s what happens to haulers, they lose all that money instantly.

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And when you pick up a contract that says ‘station might not be accessible’ you know the station might not be accessible. No different. I don’t need to imagine accepting one of those because I simply wouldn’t do it.

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And that is the issue being talked about.
The fact that it can BECOME no more accessible.

This is just a big middle finger from CCP to people delivering contracts to citadels.

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No it’s not. The risk is made clear to you. Don’t take it, and you won’t have a problem.

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I still don’t understand how at this point and SO many patches into player owned stations that the contract system still cant obviously identify a player owned station on the contract so people can just choose to bypass them at will.

And just because you can ignore it by not playing the game does not mean it’s not a problem.

With this mentality you can prevent any problem in life by just not breathing anymore.

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