Hauling scam

saw a nice contract.
checked I had access to the destination by docking the Raitaru (success)
got to starting point, accepted the contact and got the cargo
arrived at destination
docking denied, Raitaru is abandonned.
Raitaru owner does (obviously) not respond to mail.
I don’t even bother contacting the contract issuer.

This happened in about 5 - 10 min time in total.

rip your money

Common scam. Don’t ever accept a contract to a player structure unless you actually know and trust the person.


You can’t just deposit your stuff in the whatever-it’s-called without docking?

It’s bugged atm.

99% sure you can’t do that when the structure is abandoned.

That forsaken fortress patch was so dumb.

Hey, CCP Fleebix said in the following thread that the inability to deliver contracts to abandoned structures was unintended. So, it will be fixed… eventually. So, if I were you, I would pay attention to dev blogs (dev blogs usually release on Fridays), patch notes over the coming months (patches usually release on Tuesdays), and/or hoboleaks. Then as soon as the change goes live (assuming you aren’t at work), I would go around completing any potential scam contracts that are still up. You can not only make a few iskies, but giggle in delight as you think about the scammers waking up to find that their scam contracts have actually been delivered.


Just happened to me as well. Had docking rights but the core wasn’t installed in the station. Had to fail the contract and lose the sizable collateral. Live and learn, but certainly depresses interest in helping people with hauling contracts.

The simple solution is to only haul between NPC stations. The contract window has a red warning if the route picks up or drops off at a player-owned station.

This is how the big hauling groups function too - they only haul between NPC stations and the only time they dock at a POS is if it’s a major trade station like the TTT in Perimeter or various I Choose You stations.

glad this was brought up, I was looking for that post where he said it was unintended…

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