Cargo Hanger Mistake?

Because of the new core update onlining these structures the cargo deposit hanger doesn’t work on any of these structures until a core is installed. This feature was created to help stop these bait contracts that people would just remove docking rights after you accept it and cause you to fail it that way. However there is nothing in any of the notes about this feature “the cargo deposit hanger” not working and seems to be a mistake as to it now would allow these contracts to begin again. I see tether, modules, armor and shields, but nothing about this cargo deposit hanger so it would seem to me it would work as intended. But it doesn’t.

So, drop a structure and don’t put a core in and let the bait contracts begin again, I guess.

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New structures have to be cored. Only old structures could be grandfathered in without a core. But, yeah, it seems like an oversight on CCP’s part.

All old ones should be cored, unless CCP screwed that up. One of the last updates to the core mechanic were old structures were to receive cores as well

I thought that it was just that they lost various services if they were not cored, and not that they all had to be cored.

Ok, I missspoke… Only new structures were required to have a core to be anchored properly

final phase for the rollout of Quantum Cores will see some basic services that all structures offer become disabled until a core is installed. Without a core installed, ship fitting, tethering, and ship/module repair services will be disabled. As soon as the core is installed into the structure, these services will become operational again.

Me aswell. There doesn’t seem to be any mention of this feature being altered in anyway.

What’s the bloody point, best to only take contracts from empire stations that way your not scammed. CCP may take a year or 2 to sort it out.


@CCP_Fleebix can you look into whether or not this was intended?


Thanks for the heads up, I’ll take it forward.


Not intended and has been reported.


That still won’t make you able to complete the contract because contracts cannot be completed in structures in hull timer, whether due to reinforced state or uncored state. According to customer support, this particular behavior seems to be intentional. The problem can only be fixed by CCP completely disallowing the creation of contracts to not-online structures.

A dev just said it was not intended…

A dev said that the cargo drop box not working is not intended and your topic is about this issue. A support ticket said that contracts not being possible to be delivered in hull reinforced or not online structures is intended. Maybe Fleebix can be a bit more precise with his answers.

@CCP_Fleebix any news on what exactly was not intended or what may be getting fixed in the future, in regards to cargo drop boxes etc.

Im going to go test it with my uncored station and a nice fat contract now

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