Hey all. I have a question about anchoring structures. Is it possible to anchor them without a core ?
I only ask as i have seen some that are anchoring ( timer and all ) but it also says Core Absent ??
Didnt think you could anchor without core in cargo ?

Here is what the core does and why or why not you need it

The structure you see with Core Absent are “Grandfathered” structures where they existed before the need for cores.

Those structures were allowed to exist as is until they get popped and the owner wants to drop another.

The other state with Core absent is once it is anchored it says Onlining while it waits for you to add the core and station module to online it.

I thought that was only for a few months then they were all mandatory to have the cores.

Ok i re-read the dev blog, it was grandfathered in that yes they are fully anchored, but no useable services like tethering etc without the core.

Basically, you need the core to complete the anchoring process, but not to begin it.

You start anchoring the structure and once you run down the initial 15 timer your structure is invulnerable for about a day or so. When that day is up your structure becomes hull vulnerable and stays that way until a core is installed. Then you wait 15 minutes and the armor and shield come up and you transition to shield vulnerable at that time. If you decline to install a core, your structure stays hull vulnerable and can’t be onlined indefinitely.

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