Ship stuck in core-less station

So I have just come back from a long break. Left a couple ships in a Athanor. Come back to it to pull a ship out and I can’t dock. Turns out the structure is in a vulnerable state with no core present.
I sent an email to the CEO but its a one man corp that doesn’t seem active. Can’t find anything on zkillboard about the player nor the corp.

So a couple of questions…

  1. Am I buggered? Is there no way to get the ships / items out?
  2. Can I take control of the station if it becomes abandoned?
  3. What happens if I blow it up? Will the ships to go a local NPC station? Is there anyway of knowing if asset safety is on or not?

Thanks for the help y’all.

If it goes into abandoned, you can blow it up and hope the ship drops. In abandoned state, everything drops, nothing goes to asset safety

This sucks. What about blowing it up before it goes abandoned?
Does one need to declare war with the corp or can i just rock up in high sec and start shooting it?

You’d have to declare war if I’m not mistaken, but in abandoned mode, you won’t have as much timers and such to deal with. Is the one ship worth going through all the hassle?


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Just send everything to asset safety:

You have to wait 5 days and perhaps pay a small fee, but you’ll get your ships.


Manually, which can be done independently of docking access to the structure in question:

  • For personal assets, by right clicking on the structure in space or in the Personal Assets window (Alt – T) and selecting “Move to Asset Safety”. You cannot be docked at the selected structure to perform this action.
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Awesome! This is exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks.

I’ll be honest i wasn’t 100% sure how asset safety worked, i didn’t know that you couldn’t be docked to activate it. I was gonna mention it in my original comment, but didn’t know if it was viable, so i left it out… glad someone came along who did know more about it… and instead of reading the whole page, i took the snippet out that you needed

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Where is this station? Ping me via email. :slight_smile:


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