Structure I was Using Got Unanchored

A system I frequented had no NPC station so I was using an upwell structure, but the group is dissolving and their assets were split up among different groups. The new management decided to unanchor it and leave the region.

So, asset safety right? Well according to EVEUni, " 1. After 5 days, the player/corporation can choose to have their assets delivered to an outpost, NPC station, or Citadel in the same system where the assets were originally located. This option costs 0.5% of the assets’ value to retrieve them again from Asset Safety"

There are no NPC stations in the same system. And paying 15% of the value for option B is… going to hurt me a lot.

Can anyone give advice?

Well you don’t have a lot of choice, you have to follow the asset safety mechanics if you can’t get your stuff out before the structure actually unanchors fully


Bugger. Well I’m going to have to pay a lot. I was only able to make 7 trips with my Sigil and 15 other with trips from ships I had docked before it finished unanhoring during the time I was typing the original post. I guess I should have heeded my corpmates when they cryptically mentioned that they didn’t hear from the owners in 3 years and had no idea if the owners would be active again. I didn’t really get the implications of that.

I wish asset safety was a bit more forgiving in Empire space, allowing you to retrieve it at any same constellation NPC station.

Or at least put an NPC station in every emprie space system.

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There is a wiki online that explains this.

Situation sucks but at least you learned valuable lesson.

Also seems like a good opportunity for your corp to plant it’s flag in a system with no other stations.


That’s at least the plus side. It’s nearby some of what we’re already doing and we need a Azbel anyways.


Make sure you are able to defend it…



so how much isk you have to pay for the assets?
the mechanic is the mechanic … its more you can hope for
usually if a house id blown up … there is no asset safety … its gone … so EVE makes it nice but you pay a bit

how much ist it?


For every benefit there is a risk.

In this case the benefit is cheaper taxes and structure bonuses without having to go to the inconvenience of owning and running the structure (fuelling it, defending it and so forth).

The downside risk is there’s no guarantee that it will be there in the morning or that you will continue to have access and will have to rely on Asset Safety (if available) to recover your assets at a cost.

The alternative is pay more taxes, maybe do more hauling, and use a less risky NPC station.

Going to cost me 300 million which is more than the rest of my sellable assets combinded (not like I can just remove a rig from a ship and sell the ship and the rig and I dobut anyone will pay me for the entire ship with the rigs on it for the normal price)

Yeah it’s a bit generous for this situation. At least I’m not this guy

So apparently CCP made Citadels too safe before I joined the game. Then they corrected their mistake by making them about as safe as they should have been made in the first place and sent thousands of emails that never reached many players who never got their stuff back in asset safety. If you’re going to promise your player base a super safe place to store their gear, at least have a 3 year grace period beteween announcing the patch and implementing it. Or maybe have the grace period apply to only citadels built before the patch? Ideally the structures should have required fuel at all times to begin or maybe the devs should have not pitched them as “super duper safe.” Given that people come in and out of activity and that they made those promises to begin with, there should have been a years long grace period if they weren’t 100% sure their emails would reach at least the omegas. Like this guy.

Edit: Copy and paste the URL instead of clicking because apparently the forums ■■■■ with links to reddit the same way YouTube will often ■■■■ with a URL placed in a comment meant to go to another YouTube comment. If you click on this link in the post I made, you won’t get to what I was talking about. It’s the post by magaruis that’s the relevent one.

in future, a courier service like Red Frog may be able to evac your assets quicker and cheaper.


Situation sucks but at least you learned valuable lesson.

Don’t store anything of value in a non NPC station unless you have no choice.
If you have no choice - spread your assets around.

Upwell stations are good at many things, but secure attics are not one of those things…

–Hoarder Gadget

ask for 300 mill … you will lget it …


@JuuR_Zibaoo - May I please have 300 mill? tia

nope … the guy can ask for isk in game … he will get isk …

So stingy…*sigh…Oh well…at least someone MIGHT get some isk…

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