Upwell structures - Asset saftey on structurs pre core

Anyone know the actual info on this please?

I use a structure regularly that’s most likely going to get blown up fairly soon. Its in HS.

Normally I don’t mind, you plan for it and worst case you lose all the ME/TE time from a dead job and just have to start again, part of the risk for saving some pennies and time by using player structures over NPC stations. Damn shame in the case as its got a low index and great rigs for research.

This structure has been up from before the the quantum cores where added.

Its state (in space) is listed as vulnerable because apparently since the new cores structures get another cycle that makes them online once installed.

When docked you have fitting and repair services available and undocked you get tether but apparently you should only get those services for structures with a core.

So how can it be vulnerable and have those services online and how does that effect asset safety?

I’ve read the uni wiki and links but just cant get my head around it all. In the 1st CCP blog about it it says,

Required for existing structures

The final phase for the rollout of Quantum Cores will see some basic services that all structures offer become disabled until a core is installed. Without a core installed, ship fitting, tethering, and ship/module repair services will be disabled. As soon as the core is installed into the structure, these services will become operational again. This phase is expected to go live in the December update.

Did this ever happen? Or are the pre core structures still active but just in that vulnerable state?

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Without core it should read “core absent” on the structure info in space. Are you sure it has no core?

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No I’m not. Having a core would make sense for all the services but why then is it in a vulnerable state?

Maybe it got a core put in but you forgot?

It is always in a “vulnerable” state, thats the “normal state”. It means it can be attacked and reinforced by hostiles.

Not my station, I just use it as its got great rigs for research. Owner hasn’t replied to mail sadly.

None of the others have it, every other player station I use does not have vulnerable, its literally the only one I’ve seen, hence the question.

Oh, it probably has a core then. Vulnerable just means it can be attacked.

What you’re asking about is the unpowered/abandoned(?) status for when an upwell runs out of fuel.

Then you lose your assets if it gets blown up.

no that’s not what I’m asking. It is not abandoned, it is vulnerable but has services running that should be off.

This is correct.

Does it or does it not have a core? You haven’t been specific about that.

Why do you think they should be off? The station was probably given a core at some point.


Quantum Cores

Quantum Cores are items that must be installed into the Upwell Structure’s Core Room to proceed past the initial onlining vulnerable state. Once the Quantum Core is installed, the structure will begin the 15 minute repair timer that, when completed, will transition the structure to the shield vulnerable state. If no Quantum Core is installed, the structure will remain in the onlining vulnerable stage where the hull HP layer is exposed and the structure is vulnerable to destruction.

Without a Quantum Core installed the following Services are disabled:

  • ship fitting
  • tethering
  • ship/module repair services

Quantum Cores will always drop from destroyed, decommissioned or unanchored Upwell Structures that had them installed.

Legacy stations (ie those placed before a core was required) can function normally without a core with two exceptions. They cannot provide tether nor can you refit your ship in those stations. Other than that a core makes no difference.

You can sometimes only see the “vulnerable” status if you have at least docked one time on that station.

Random HighSec Station, I checked 3 of them and all had the status “vulnerable”. Like our stations in W-Space also have, with core and all services running. It is the normal full power status.

So is it hull vulnerable then? You didn’t specify in the opening post.

As was said before “vulnerable” is the default state of any Upwell structure, it just indicates, it can be attacked (but nobody is or has attacked yet). Sometimes it’s not shown until you are on grid or dock/undock, it’s probably a display bug.

Confirmed, you are indeed correct.

So it must have a core as its running as normal until it gets blown up and asset safety is in place unless its not fueled for 7 days. Good to have it confirmed.

Thx all.