Structure Vulnerability

I’ve noticed that some structures have the word “Vulnerable” under their names (when viewed in space - see screen shot) and some don’t. The official page on structure vulnerability states that basically all structures are vulnerable all of the time, except under certain special circumstances (construction, after being attacked etc) but that by default, a structure is vulnerable to attack. So why do some have this printed out and others don’t?
I know that it’s not about having a quantum core installed as there are structures with cores that also have Vulnerable under their names - so there must be some other aspect to this that I am missing entirely :slight_smile:

eve station vul 1

Um, it could just be a bug. I did a bunch of structure recon a while back, and I remember that clicking on a structure didn’t always display all relevant information. IIRC, the problem was that low power and abandoned states didn’t always display, but I honestly can’t remember if that also included the vulnerable state. Regardless, I’d sometimes have to click on something else, and then back on the structure for everything to display. So, could that be what’s going on?

Abandoned structures ? How exciting. Now I have something else to look for.

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Forsaken Fortress – Coming 26 May

Abandoned Structure release details.

They aren’t particularly common, as someone has to basically stop maintaining the structure for a period of time for it to fall into abandoned state, and after the initial cleanup in 2020, they are few and far between with lots of corps actively monitoring for them in order to bash them for loot.

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But I would guess there still are players who don’t come back to the game for whatever reason, some get banned and maybe others are no longer amongst the living. Who knows?
I’d love to stumble upon an abandoned structure tho, that’d be so cool.

My point was that a bunch of groups went through and basically swept up all of the structures that had already stopped being maintained when the abandoned structure state was released in 2020. So there aren’t really old ones left out there - it’s just whatever newly gets left to rot, and there won’t really be a steady supply of those (since corporations typically have more than 1 person able to maintain a structure and they are expensive to deploy in the first place). So it would be cool to see, just don’t expect it to be something you find with any frequency - especially with corps who actively monitor for them in order to go bash them as soon as they go abandoned.

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So, one way to find low power and abandoned structures is to drop 1 ammo in every structure you come across (remember, structures that you don’t have access to won’t appear on your overview unless you are on grid with them, so you have to scan them down). Then, you’ll get alerts for when they enter low power and abandoned states. You might want to do this on an alt, however, as your asset list can easily grow to hundreds of structures, which can make finding your actual assets kind of annoying.


I understand. I wouldn’t make it my main activity to look for them. Just something to be aware of.

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Another reason to have an alt tho I don’t like to have alts in other games but it seems it’s useful in EVE.

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