Refineries Attacked - Im confused

We have 2 refineries. We got wardeced by some folks that have attacked our refineries. We tried to decommision them before the wardec, but it takes so long to pull them down we were not successful. Now we have both structures no shields, no armor, only hull … this is where I am confused.

In the structure browser, the “State” column displays “The structure becomes vulnerable again on 2018.03.17 20:38:48” but in another column “Reinforcement Time” it displays “Saturday 17:00”.

Does this mean the structure is vulnerable @ 20:38:48 or 17:00?

These 2 structures are our first in EvE, and we so appreciate having the opportunity to afford these at this point in the game, but as much as we search, we cannot find a COMPLETE set of instructions on this topic.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you :slight_smile:

ugh wrong toon posted … sorry about that … but the serious question still stands …

The vulnerability thing im pretty sure is just a leftover from the old system for structures, where you had windows of time were they were completely immune to attack. Now they can be attacked at any time.

The reinforcement part pertains to the time where, +/-2hrs, your structure will exit it’s final reinforcement timer, which is triggered when the armor is depleted, or shields if your in low power.

You’ve kinda buggered yourself with trying to unanchor them. While Anthanors can’t really defend themselves they can still serve as a force multiplier for a defending fleet with ecm/neuts.

Yes, the next vulnerable time for your station starts at 2018.03.17 20:38:48.

Seems that now is easier to pop stations than before.
I had all my 3 stations attacked this week too, including a T2 refinery. All in the hull now.

When they come out of rf, will they repair them-self in 15 minutes, if not attacked during that period of time?

Yes, i think so. If no attack in 15 minutes, the station is full repaired.

Ok thank you :slight_smile:

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