Upwell Timer Clarification

Quick question…

Once you drop a station’s shields or armor and the station goes into invulnerability mode, it will eventually become vulnerable again based on the timer settings of the station owner.

My question is once vulnerable, how long does that state last?



Based on this, nothing specific is said about what happens in this situation if no damage is taken (to start the repair timer)…

15 minuets assuming it takes no damage.

“If the repair timer naturally elapses, the structure goes back into vulnerability - if that timer elapses too, the structure fully recovers from the attack. Its shields, armor and hull are restored to full values”

repair timer is 15 minuets.
vulnerability timer can vary depending on the owners settings.

But the repair timer only starts when damage is taken…ergo if there is no damage then the timer doesn’t start.

This happens when any kind of damage is applied to a vulnerable shield, armor or hull layer.

IMO this is not clear and the reason for my post…

Then you’re asking about the vulnerability window, which is variable.

I don’t remember the full allotment but its essentially x number of hours per week spread at your discretion.
And x is specific to each structure so Large structures have a bigger x than smaller

I was thinking that this was the case but it’s (oddly) not mentioned anywhere in the new 2.0 documents…

So yes, vulnerability window is what I should be calling this…

It’s not anymore. Upwell structures are always vulnerable now, unless they are in reinforcement. The repair starts the moment, the reinforcement period (time of invulnerability) is over and lasts 15 minutes.

Yeah its been a while since I had to kill a structure so I’m not up on my windows.
There a dev blog with the information somewhere surly, if not try eveuni’s wiki.

Tipa just nailed it

The repair starts the moment, the reinforcement period (time of invulnerability) is over and lasts 15 minutes.

The repair timer only starts once damage has been inflicted on a station. When I’ve arrived at a station that has come out of invulnerability, there is no timer running. Once you do damage, the 15 minute timer appears.

…and I have not read that “starts the moment, the reinforcement period (time of invulnerability) is over” in any CCP documentation…(I might have missed some but in that case would love a link)

I used my own words. … when the circle becomes yellow after a reinforcement period, the 15min repair timer starts to tick. If you do not see it, then it may be a display bug, try dock/undock.

I have a station coming out of invulnerability in about 24 hours and will post what I find…

Thanks folks…

You were bang-on…after reinforcement, the 15min repair timer starts…

Thanks! Your cookies and assortment of body lotions/washes are in the mail


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