Raitaru Vulnerability not ending


I’ve had a raitaru set up in highsec almost three weeks ago and the vulnerability has not ended yet, not sure if I’ve done something wrong or…

They are always vulnerable 24/7

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Hi, thanks for your response, is that because it’s in hisec? if not what’s the vulnerability cycle about?

The details are all here:


Shield: always vulnerable
Armor: happens at the time the owner picked, but on the day choosen by the attacker (skipped if no active service modules in the structure AKA low power mode)
Hull: day and time the owner set

This is the same in all areas of space the only difference being how close the armor/shield and hull timers can be.

That’s all space btw

aah, thanks, that makes a lot more sense now… apparently I misunderstood the way it works first time round

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