Questions about Citadels

I would like to set up a Raitaru in high sec, but I am a little confused about some of the information I have been reading.

I read this from an EVE article:

Anchoring and Unanchoring

  • As soon as an Upwell structure begins anchoring, it becomes visible on the sensor overlay (blue signature) and anyone can warp directly to it.
  • Anyone can scoop an unanchored Upwell structure from space.
  • Once anchored, an Upwell structure is vulnerable for 15 minutes before being fully repaired. If attacked during these 15 minutes then the repair timer is paused. It is also reset if it occurs during daily downtime.
  1. Does this mean that anyone can scoop my structure during the first 24 hours it is anchoring?

  2. I understand there are different benefits between Null, Low and High, but are there any differences between a 1.0 system and a 0.5 system for a Raitaru?

Thank you :slight_smile:



So then the 15 minute vulnerability window is when it could be scooped by someone?

No. It is the window in which it can be blown to pieces.

As @darkestkhan_Eriker said. Which in highsec means they have to declare war in the first 15 minutes after you deploy it to explode it during this vulnerability window so the war will be active.

The only time someone can scoop your structure from you is when you decommission (unanchor) it. It appears in space exactly 7 days after you start the process, and if you are not there, or are not quick enough, someone can scoop it before you, although they will get a suspect flag for doing so, so you can shoot them.

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