To Raitaru or not Raitaru?

I am looking to anchor a structure (probably a Raitaru) in a high sec system I like to mine in. I will only be using it to store some ships in and dump ore, and I would like the ability to refine the ore down into its constituent parts.

I will occasionally be contracting someone to freight the ore / minerals to a market hub so I will need the ability to allow people to doc up.

Is the Raitaru the best option for doing this? Also, if anyone has done or is doing a similar thing do you have any issues I should look out for?

Thanks o7

If you want to refine your ore, you should use an Athanor instead. The Athanor has reprocessing bonuses. Keep in mind that the reprocessing service consumes a lot of fuel and you don’t want to have it running continuously. Activating it once every 2 weeks or once per month is sufficient.

Thanks for the info. So basically I could mine for a couple of weeks, throw some fuel in and reprocess everything. Other than the reprocessing does that mean running a station like that doesn’t cost anything?

The structure itself requires no fuel. Only the service modules consume fuel. You do not need to have a service active to dock or rent an office, though.

I take it I would be able to dump a lot of ore in the structure without having to worry about running out of room? I would probably like to have some kind of defense installed just in case, so I could just have some fuel available if I get a war dec. Sorry about the stupid questions, I’ve been playing for over 10 years and have never owned a structure of any kind :]

No problem. There are not hangar size restrictions in structures and you can dump as much volume into them as you want. There are ship size restrictions, though, but they don’t matter in high sec because everything you can use in high sec can also dock in any structure size.

With regards to the defenses: Athanors are really limited in that regard and cannot really fight off serious attacks from wars. If someone declares a war against you and you can find someone tho assist you in the defense, neuts and ewar can be a very nice asset to help the defender allies.

neuts and ewar are what I had in mind which i good. OK last question, are there any faction standing issues regarding anchoring like there were with the previous POS system?

None. You can anchor structures almost anywhere. Only a few systems like Jita, Amarr and starter systems do not allow anchoring structures.

Thanks for all the info o7

You are welcome. One last thing: Depending on where you mine you might want to place your Athanor on a moon (which you have surveyed beforehand). Athanors can be used to mine moons in certain systems, which might be interesting for you, depending on the system and how many miners you have (don’t say that here). You should read a bit about moon mining and see if that is something for you in the future.

Have fun with the structure.

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Funnily enough I just was. will defiantly be looking into that. Cheers mate

Take into account that if I putting Structure down you are now available to wardec as of December if you don’t have a structure down you’re not venerable to war

sorry I’m not 100% sure what you mean

They’re changing the wardec to were if your corporation is not have structure in space you will not be able to get Wardec without agreeing to it they’re going to do that in December

ah ok I see what you mean now. thanks for the heads up o7

Also keep in mind:

The station has to have a module running (IE: your Reprocessing plant) to have the best shields etc… if no modules are online its in Low Power mode and skips the armor layer all together.

Typically you have Shield > Reinforce > Armor > Reinforce > Hull / Pop. But if you have no modules running its Shield > Reinforce > Hull / Pop.

Onlining the reprocessing plant consumes 3 days of fuel instantly. So if you get wardecced, keep the reprocessing plant running and fueled for the max amount of shields / armor.

Great thanks for the info o7

Also starting a module consume a lot of fuel blocks, then a few fuel blocks every hours… This rules is in place to avoid people to only start a module when they need it….

So if you use your athanor only to reprocess, you have to balance the price of the athanor & the fuel costs needed to start the module once in a while to the reprocess fee you are going to save if you were using a NPC station or another free access athanor….

Maybe it would be Wise to find a close athanor with a free access and low reprocessing taxes… You could also contact the owner of the closest athanor to ask them if they could grant you access… Some of them have no taxes at all.…

If you plan to also use the athanor to mine the moon, you could recover a part of the fuel costs… But keep in mind that if you are on your own, you likely won’t be able to mine 100% of the ore available and being in HS, you likely won’t be able to prevent other players to mine “your” ore…

When you activate a module, it consumes a week worth of ore. Better activate it once every 4 weeks to reduce the consumption.

You can dock in an athanor that has no module active. The repair, thether, insurance, services will still be available.

It only burns 3 days up front, as I previously stated :slight_smile:

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