Astrahus or Raitaru?

So what do you guys think? Which one would be better?

There is a single Raitaru in (hi-sec)system allready, so maybe an Astrahus is better cuz i can put a markethub in it? (it will be the 2nd structure in system) can’t put a markethub in a Raitaru right?

To be honest, it’s just a lil pet project anyways, so not sure if were gonna put expensive service mods on it right now, not untill we feel comfortable with the entire spacestructure idea.

Asking for a ‘friend’ offcourse, who has zero experience in citadel/structures.

Any other info/pro-tips are appreciated :slight_smile:

Astras cannot use the Market service, nor can Raitarus. Only Large and Extra Large structures can use the market services.

The Astrahus is a pretty useless structure. In a Raitaru you can at least install bonused manufacturing or science services and do something productive with the structure.

astra has bonus to clone bay cost.

I believe that the primary reason for anchoring an astrahus instead of a raitaru is the defensive bonuses of the former.

Before you anchor a citadel, consider the millions of isk in daily fuel costs you will need to spend, and whether you can defend it when it is attacked.

Market services for small operations in hisec isn’t worth while and the module will cost you more in fuel and upfront purchase than it will save in fees.

If you just want a place to call your own and are fine with it being destroyed then a Raitaru is cheaper and can provide more utlity through manaufacturing bonuses. If your intend to protect the structure and industry isn’t your game then Atrahaus.

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